Jed McCaleb: How He thinks About the Stellar’s Blockchain Technology

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of and the creator of Mt.Gox, intends to come up with a single and efficient payment system that every person in the world can use. This is why he came up with the Stellar, a Blockchain powered payment setup. He believes that in the near future, there will be an efficient universal payment network.

The Future of Steller’s Blockchain Technology

Jed McCaleb says that is possible to come up with a hybrid system, which facilitates the transfer of fiat currencies via the Blockchain. He says that an institution called Woon Bank, a South Korean financial institution is likely to start accepting Ripple later in 2018. Nowadays, legitimate financial institutions believe that Ripple and Stellar can make good payment methods.

Jed McCaleb is ambitious that Stellar’s blockchain technology will facilitate an efficient Universal Payments network. The network will be able to process payments as well as traditional assets like shares and stocks. He believes that these changes will occur before 2018.

McCaleb, a crypto developer, is not a person to ignore because he has been in the industry for quite some time. His sentiments that the Stellar’s technology will bring a change in financial systems, including payments, stock markets, as well as fundraising by 2018, should be taken with the uttermost seriousness.

Jed McCaleb admits that the Stellar’s technology does not presently perform well in the market. This is according to the current trend of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). However, he is confident that things will be better soon. The Autonomous Next, a financial research firm, says that the ICOs have helped in raising about $9 billion within a period of four years.

About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation. He made this great achievement in 2014 after realizing that many people are suffering because the financial infrastructure of the world is broken. At, he is in charge of the technical development.

Jed McCaleb is also the creator of eDonkey2000, a file sharing network. He is also a trusted advisor at MIRI, a body that basically deals with artificial intelligence. He has spent a great deal of time trying to improve the technology. His ambition is to use technology to improve the world and make it a better place for everyone.

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Betsy DeVos Brings Reformer Skills to Washington D.C.

If you were to sit down across the table from Betsy DeVos, the newest Secretary of Education of the United States, you would find her to be incredibly sharp and extremely capable of having a conversation. Despite her calm demeanor and soft-spoken words, Betsy DeVos has proven herself over the past thirty years to be something of a mover and shaker within the political world. While DeVos is largely new to politics on a broad scale, she has spent the majority of her life working toward enacting real change in the communities around her. With that being said, what makes Betsy DeVos so uniquely qualified to lead President Donald Trump’s Department of Education? It’ll be tough to capture her core message and life story in a short message, but let us give it a shot.


Betsy DeVos was born in a small Dutch community in Holland, Michigan. Growing up, DeVos was lucky to be born into a loving family that was built around the core tentpoles of family, faith, and freedom. Betsy DeVos was born into a wealthy family with her brother running a huge security firm and her father running his own massive business. Instead of resting on her laurels and allowing life to pass her by in luxury, DeVos instead opted to pursue a higher education and turn toward trying to manufacture real change in the world. DeVos would go on to attend Calvin College and it was there that she sharpened her mind into the powerful tool of change that it is today.


While attending Calvin College, DeVos would become intimately familiar with the writings of Milton Friedman. Friedman penned many works over fifty years ago that argued against the role of government intervention in education. DeVos would take his writing and she would put it into the foundation of the change she would seek to pass in Michigan. DeVos would take from Friedman’s core message and with it she would popularize the concept of school choice. School choice, which argues for more freedom in private educational facilities, has since become the foundation of conservative education reform. Reform is the key-word in the prior sentence as DeVos considers herself a Reformer at heart. Over the past thirty years, DeVos would work to instill school choice in as many states as possible and this work would put her on the map of President Donald Trump.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is going to have to deal with many of the issues that plague first-time politicians. While DeVos has plenty of experience at the state level, having run several charities, she is heading to Washington D.C. for the first time ever. Still, if the Washington ‘swamp’ thinks that it can take advantage of DeVos’ lack of experience, they are in for a rude awakening. Betsy DeVos crafted a reputation in Michigan as someone to be feared and to be respected and now she is going to be sending that same message to politicians on both sides of the political aisle in her role atop the Department of Education.


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Brown Modelling Agency Takes Talent To Great Heights

Brown Modelling Agency was founded in the summer of 2015 and is located in the greater Austin, Texas area. The Brown Agency grew quickly to become the leading agency for print and fashion models. Working for some of the worlds biggest brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal and many more. Justin Brown is the Cheif Executive Officer and President of Brown Modelling Agency and says that the agency prides themselves in choosing the best, while being elegant and highly professional, and delivering an outstanding amount of talent at their shows. Justin Brown himself was a model and worked his way through college being a fitness model and working at a modeling agency.


Brown Modelling Agency has open calls every Thursday evening from 3pm to 4pm. Their models are not only beautiful and talented, but they pursue an art when they walk on stage or at a photoshoot. They work with all types of models of all ages, all being diverse in their own way. A picture uploaded via Instagram of a man turned backward showing off his incredible tattoo that covers his whole back and bottom, recieved many positive comments discussing how the models show true differentiality.



Brown came about when their prior acting agency expanded. The acting agent called Wilhelmina, acquired Heyman Talent- South and became the Brown Agency. The two companies conjoined offers clients with an expanded portfolio of amazing talent and more opportunity for great talent from across the country. Michael B. Bonneé is the Heyman Talent- South founder and now works in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.


Some of the shows fashion models attend include the Austin Fashoin Week, Dallas Fashiin Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and many other shoes. Brown Modelling Agency is one Austin, Texas largest modeling agencies and a major leading agency in the United States in general. Their aspirations are to help their clients to grow and develop, being a former model, Justin knows how important it is for models to have guidance in order to succeed. They focus on hiring models in Central Texas, and are best known for their attention to their looks and sense of style that the Brown Agency is all about. You can visit their instagram account for more info


The New Banking Phase On The Rise: Ask Jed McCaleb

Are you ready for the new advancement and twist in the banking industry? You just have to prepare for the next major shift that will change the banking face emanating from Blockchain technology. In the near future, there will be an emergence of a universal payment system that will surpass all the restrictions and boundaries. This is the clear prediction of one of the renowned cryptocurrency guru Mr. Jed McCaleb.

Jed McCaleb is currently the Co-founder of one of the best performing platforms called Stellar. Previously he founded Mt. Gox exchange. In Jed’s vision, people will be using dollars and euros in the universal payment and other currencies they are used to. His aim has always been to repair the broken financial infrastructure in our modern world and this has led him to come up with the Stellar project.

Serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Stellar, Jed McCaleb has enabled the platform to become one of the best and popular in the creation of new tokens and also in distributed applications. Its digital asset called XML is in the best 10 crypto assets list by market capitalization. Jed also serves at Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) as an Advisor.

Jed McCaleb started Stellar platform focusing on the speed which actually it has achieved. With Stellar, you make a transaction in seconds and carry out quick exchanges of your traditional financial stocks, currencies, assets or bonds. The reason why this platform can be used in carrying out universal transactions is its ability of tokenizing financial assets and consequently making the transfer secure in a cryptocurrency protected network.

Stellar seems to continue gaining popularity especially when it comes to international transactions. It is the platform being used by IBM to carry out its transactions. Though there are many challenges facing the cryptocurrencies and other blockchain services including regulations from China, there is hope that Blockchain technology is the banking future.

According to Jed, the future is likely to digitize all financial assets, stocks, and equities and be transferred technologically using distributed ledgers. This will eliminate barriers and allow smooth borderless transactions. And consequently, it will bring about decentralization of exchanges in all transactions. Stellar is already there, it is waiting for the world to harmonize.

Taking Advantage of Volatility—HCR Wealth Advisors

Over the past two decades, the world of finance has changed in many ways. The greatest new trend in this industry is the rise of the capability to monitor and analyze current patterns in real-time as well as trends and the ability to quickly react to the available data. Whenever there are great changes, there are always risks and advantages to obtain growth. Steps taken upon acquiring the data can make or break one’s wealth. Due to this, proper analysis of data has become important for the proper application of financial data for individual situations. This data requires the ability to filter it to get the best for what your needs are.

Most of the key metrics have recently shown that the US economy is growing stronger. After considering a 21.7 percent return, that also included reinvesting of dividends, the S&P 500 saw 2017 to be one of the greatest years in recent times for the stock investors. Indeed, 2017 represented the first year in which the stock market showed positive returns in each of the twelve months from January to December.

Despite the positive trends of 2017, of course, it is still not certain that the stock market shall achieve such levels of success when it comes to 2018. Whenever you have a low volatility year like 2017, most of the times it is followed up by one with high volatility which the veteran investors know all too well. That is why 2018 is predicted to have the highest volatility in 10 years.

The level of volatility can be an investor’s friend as long as they employ personalized strategies. At HCR Wealth Advisors, a Los Angeles registered investment advisory firm, investors can attain strategies and financial advice which caters to their needs. HCR Wealth creates relationships with their clients based on transparency, trust, and education. They are on facebook:

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The Oxford Club Holds Prestige

The Oxford club has single-handedly made thousands of people millionaires over the years. They are private financial club whose influence spreads all across the globe and affects the lives of 157,000 members. They have offices in over 130 countries and the main office resides in the United States of America in Baltimore, Maryland. They were started by William Bonner who is also the cofounder of Agora Incorporated.

The club officially started underneath a different name in the year 1989. This was when it was known as the Passport Club. They chose that name to show how international they really were. However, they did not just want to advocate for their international bent. They also wanted to show that they were full of old-school wisdom and could thrive in a new world. That is why the year 1991 they would change their name to the Oxford club.

The Oxford Club stands for one simple purpose, to take the 157,000 members that are part of their club and protect their wealth so that it continues to grow every single day until the day they die. They want the wealth to remain, so they can bequeath it to their children.

The Oxford Club offers benefits to its members. These benefits do not go to any single member though. You need to be the correct membership level to enjoy all the benefits. The Premier members only are allowed access to one of the Oxford Club’s newsletters. However even at the introductory level you can still increase your profit.

The Directors Circle membership however offers many more benefits. Here you can network with the 157,000 members of the club. This is the heart and soul of the membership and has led many people to getting involved in investments long before the prophet had dwindled. In addition to this, they have exclusive access to their own financial advisor.

The most prestigious membership is the Chairman’s Circle. This will grant you access to the property exchange, global outposts, and luxurious travel around the world as you attend seminars and symposiums.

Talk Fusion is Simplifying Video Marketing, Making, & Distribution

Back in 2007 a brand new tool arrived on the market called Talk Fusion with the intent of helping businesses stay in front of the competition and increase profits! Talk Fusion makes it easier to market, create engaging material, and keep your brand memorable. One of the most recent abilities developed is the ability to video chat through the application.


One easy to use tool in the Talk Fusion app is the ability to personalize emails with videos to maintain interest and simplify the exchange of information. Written emails simply cannot embrace the same feeling and excitement one can achieve through a video. They’ve proven that as time goes on it seems video seems to be the way to go these days; written text just isn’t keeping anyone’s attention anymore. Video is increasing in its importance as technology evolves.


You also can utilize the Talk Fusion application to make calls to your friends and family; it doesn’t have to be restricted to work related endeavors. You can utilize the video call feature as well to carry conversations or simplify the transfer of information on any device.


Through the app you will also have access to unlimited messaging, archiving important information shared on the app, and you don’t even have to worry about waiting that irritating 5 seconds for an ad to pass through your screen. There’s absolutely zero ads; which is freeing in itself.


The functionality is second nature and there are a ton of capabilities while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. Depending on the service purchased, Talk Fusion take the video marketing industry and simplifies it for its consumers. They save the videos on their servers, the videos can be re-used and edited whenever desired, and he can send them out to individual recipients or thousands in one click! They help you get started by having “thank you” and generalized videos already prepared and ready to be used. Their list of premade videos goes into the hundreds; so you can still maintain your brand in the usage of them.


Another feature that people love about Talk Fusions software is when the videos are sent out via email, or whichever media you choose, the video is right there ready to be clicked on and played. You don’t have to worry about them clicking on a link and being connected to some external website to view it. Talk Fusion also makes sure to send out and provide full reporting metrics; so you can understand who responded to the emails and utilized them. On average the company has noticed that with their unique format and technique of getting viewers engaged they on average report 40-50% of all emails being opened and interacted with. Those are fantastic numbers! Another fantastic addition is the usability of the electronic bots that will gauge the audiences feelings toward the material. Learn more:


If you’re ready to get on the video marketing bandwagon, or want to simplify your existing video marketing set up, considering Talk Fusion is entirely worth it. Grow your business with the ease and affordability of Talk Fusion.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Is Here to Treat ADHD

Lately, a lot has been said about ADHD as well as similar health conditions. This is in line with the fact that ADHD is a common condition in this generation. Well, the fact is, this ailment is affecting many people with adults being on the lead. As such, it is projected that individuals with this health condition experience devastating health issues. Also fundamental to note is the fact that teachers and parents notice the symptoms in children at a very tender age. Besides, ADHD has negative side effects that contribute to the devastating health conditions in people. Extensively, it has grievous impacts on their relationships and career choice among other life’s situations. Visit to know more about Neurocore.
Defining ADHD and its Symptoms
From the letters ADHD, this medical condition refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Usually, it causes severe symptoms that tag along unpleasant health issues that make the patient live an abnormal life. Supposing a child is not diagnosed on time, the symptoms may take a different dimension. However, the bottom line is these symptoms do not quite leave the body unless treated. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.
What are the Symptoms?
People are different, and so are the symptoms of ADHD in every individual. Well, most fundamentally, a child who suffers from this disease may be relatively better as an adult. This does not imply that all symptoms shall have been erased. On the contrary, the symptoms will be different at a certain age. Well to be more conversant with some of these symptoms, here is a list;
• Emotional instability
• Mentally unstable especially when handling tasks
• Easily irritated
• Hyperactive
• Lack of impulse control
All too often, ADHD symptoms appear in the early stages of a kid’s life. This usually falls between the ages of five and six. Concurrently, all issues begin immediately the child joins school and is settled to attain academic credentials. At that juncture, the child fails to concentrate on studies.
The Overview
Neurocore have come forward and conjoined their efforts to address the ADHD health condition. Alongside the project is deciding to involve all the medical centres that are located in America with the aim of reaching all patients that are dealing with ADHD. Now, this is how it happens; when a patient reaches out to Neurocore, the team conducts a comprehensive test to locate the exact part of the brain that has been affected.

The Growth Of National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory J. Aziz has always had a strong skillset for business development. For instance, during his first role in business development at his family’s business, Greg Aziz managed to grow the company on a global scale. The company, Affiliated Foods, started as a company that did business specifically in a regional capacity in Canada. After working there several years, Greg James Aziz managed to transition the company into a global entity. Affiliated Foods was doing business in nearly every major continent and was working with major distributors in South America, Europe, Africa as well as all of Canada and the United States.


He put that skill to work at National Steel Car. After being hired, he soon became the company’s main leader. Today, he holds the titles of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and the prestigious role of the company’s President.


After he joined the company Gregory James Aziz immediately made major moves to expand the company’s production, as well as its employee base. During his first few years at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz grew the company’s employee base from just around 800 people to over 2,000 people.


This growth was massive for the company and for the entire community of Hamilton, Ontario. The influx of jobs drew people to relocate to the town and it also drew in the opening of new businesses that created even more jobs. The 1influx of jobs had a ripple effect that made Hamilton one of the most booming places to move to in the Ontario area. Go To This Page for more information.


In addition to the influx of new jobs, Gregory James Aziz also rapidly increased the production of steel freight cars that National Steel Car was able to product annually. The company went from producing around 3,500 steel freight railway cars annually to well over 12,000 railway cars each year. That volume of growth put National Steel Car on the map as far as being a main producer of steel railway cars.


The company went from being a Canadian entity to becoming a global leader in the production of railway cars that transport freight. The company has achieved major accomplishments throughout North America under the leadership of Greg Aziz. Year over year, National Steel Car has seen expansion both in the volume of employees as well as the volume of steel freight railway cars that it produces on an annual basis. In fact, National Steel Car is now a world-wide leader in the production of freight cars for railroad transport.


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     Bruno J Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who specializes in numerous matters of urgency. They include; Urban Law, Communication and Advertising Law, Parliamentary Law, Electoral Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, and Compliance and Ethics Law. Mr. Fagali works as a manager of corporate integrity for Nova/ SB. This is a reputable advertising agency which specializes in communication issues that touch on public interest. In addition to this, he also has his own law firm.


Bruno Fagali has had the opportunity of working for various law firms. He launched his law career at Radi, Calil and Associates advocates in 2012. He worked for this Sao Paulo law firm for approximately two years. In 2008, he joined Toja, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associate Lawyers as an intern. He served this law firm for almost two years. The Sao Paolo law firm specialized in administrative law, regulatory law and bid law. Prior to this, he had worked as an intern at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm. He stayed in this law firm for approximately one year. The law firm was also based in Sao Paulo and it specialized in administrative contracts, regulatory law, and bidding. Before joining this law firm, he was also an intern at yet another Sao Paulo based advocacy firm. Mr. Fagali’s internship tenure in this law firm lasted for around one year.

The Fagali Advocacy is Mr. Fagali’s law firm and it is located in the United Kingdom. The firm was started in 2016 and it deals with issues such as Electoral law, Public Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Advertising Law, Parliamentary Law and Compliance Law. Bruno Fagali’s roles at Nova S/B include improving, emphasizing, administering and executing the corporate integrity agenda of the advertising company. Under his leadership, the program has managed to win the ethics award in 2016 and 2017. The company has been recognized as the only communications firm that has formally received this important compliance award. Mr. Fagali joined the company in 2015 and he has managed to improve it tremendously.


Bruno Fagali has a Bachelors in Law which he attained from The Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Moreover, he specialized in Administrative Law for two years at the same institution. Mr. Fagali also has a Masters in State Law from the University of Sao Paulo.

Mr. Fagali had the unique opportunity of being approved by the University of Sao Paolo’s Faculty of Law to join the teaching improvement program. Under this program, he got to perform functions such as supervising, organizing and conducting seminars, study groups, and classes for graduation.