Rocketship Education: What’s the True Cost?

At first glance, the Rocketship Education group of charter institutions has an innovative and more comprehensive way for children to learn. At the forefront of technology, they have implemented a nice tech and traditional methods of learning so students can retain and utilize important skills and reach their full potential. Rocketship education has their students scoring higher on their state tests than their peers attending a traditional school system. They have implemented a very structured and strict system that seems to be working academically, but there are some things that definitely need to be fixed within the Rocketship Education system. Because the teacher’s pay depends on students scored, there have been reported cases of the students having to retake state exams to receive higher scores. Former employees have stated that these competitive environments lead to a degree of forged data, which in turn, can end up hurting and putting unnecessary pressure on the students and on the teachers.

Part of what comes with these tech-integrated solutions to learning with Rocketship Education, are lower paid “instructors” who are there mostly to maintain order in the labs while children do their computer work. Having these under-trained individuals tending to the kids has caused some issues with the care and attention the students are receiving from the Rocket Education system, and has even lead to some lawsuits and objections from the parents. Some of these issues included things like children not getting required bathroom breaks and therefore getting infections. Parents are concerned with the tech-heavy instruction models leaving the teacher to student ratio fairly low. Disciplinary actions have also been overdone, to the extent of hours of enforced silence which they call “Zone Zero”.

Although Rocketship Education has some serious potential in the way students are taught. There are things that need to change in the Rocketship Education system so that the teacher/student treatment becomes more reasonable. The care and safety of the students needs to come before anything. Once Rocketship Education implements better strategies for this care, the system will be on track to optimally serve their students and teachers.

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Orange Coast College Recap

Orange Coast College has had some new exciting innovations take place on campus, A new recycling center! This may not seem like a huge deal, but it was for the townies. At their old recycling center only about 250 to 300 people would visit to drop off their recycled goods. With the updates to the new and improved building, the numbers have increased to 400 people! The new recycling center is slowly reaching it’s goal, the purpose was to build to innovations that would attract more people to come in order to create more recycling opportunities. They’re on the the way to something special! Learn more:


Due to the updates at the new recycling center, more guests are able to come at a single time. The center used to have only eight car spaces, that increased significantly to 45. Almost every townie realized that difference right away. The new center also accepts more variation of matter for recycling. The renovation was a fantastic idea for the recycling center, because now it is no longer hidden and people can actually see it.


Some other innovations include new classrooms for students interested in taking environmental studies and resources management in the spring, they now have showers for workers to use and enjoy for breaks after they finish a long shift. Many of the workers happened to be students, so this was very convenient for them.


How the recycling center works is, guests bring in their recyclable items and put them in the correct bin. Afterwards, the bottles are then sorted again by hand or machine to make sure they are correctly organized, once organized the plastic is taken to different areas to be reused. Some of the places they are taken to are Los Angeles and Paris to be made into new products.


The recycling center has plans for the future. They want to attract more users by advertisement through media, utility bills, and in print. If the center can get more guests to come, that will increase the growth of their business and help the planet out in the future by reusing plastic and glass instead of killing more trees!

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