Jim Toner Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur and real estate investor, Jim Toner has been making an impact on the business world for more than two decades. He has a number of ups and downs that have shaped his career. He has been able to overcome a number of challenging times going from broke to a successful investor and coach. This makes him more than qualified to do what he is doing today- sharing his secrets with others. Jim Toner goes around the world giving people the tools to control their financial life and build wealth.

Despite some challenging times for the economy, Toner believes now is a great time for those looking to gain wealth. He was quoted as saying “We are entering a time of potentially staggering wealth accumulation.” He believes the next five years will provide some great opportunities. He also believes there are some key things a person must have and do in order to accomplish this success.

Having the right attitude may be the most important factor. This trait is often forgotten about or thrown to the wayside. Often however, it doesn’t really matter how much skill or knowledge a person has if a positive attitude is not present. Jim Toner believes this is true for success in the business world. Ultimately attitude is the most important part of growing wealth in real estate.

According to angel.co, great business people surround themselves with great minds. Toner is convinced surrounding yourself with talent and intelligence is necessary for growth. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time have embraced this concept including Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie. Toner often recommends young entrepreneurs read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, which embraces this concept.

Finally, Jim Toner recommends working on overall health of mind and body. Being in good physical condition is a requirement for have success in business. Furthermore, Toner believes in finding balance with laughter and mental health. If a young entrepreneur follows these mentioned steps and combines them with hard work, they will be well on their way to great success. Checkout Toner on LinkedIn.

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Todd Lubar’s Insights Regarding The Shift In Baltimore’s Real Estate Fair

Todd Lubar is a longtime real estate market developer in Maryland with more than twenty years of engagement. He has additional skills in finance and credit, which allow him to managed TDL Ventures impeccably. Todd is the founder and president of the firm and has grown the firm to new levels in the industry. Todd Lubar’s diverse career portfolio has robust sales experiences and real estate comprehension that puts TDL Ventures ahead of the curve in Baltimore.

Todd Lubar often expresses his in-depth view of the property business in Baltimore and once dubbed the city to be a favorable spot for young professionals. He explained that the area has a growing need for urban structures due to the booming growth of the young generation. Todd notes that developers have considered the factor and have consequentially out urban developments that make the cut for millennial in style and functionality. Todd estimates that the new real estate venture will grow the metropolitan region of Baltimore since young people prefer to opt out of paying parking fees. Additionally, startup enterprises are recording increased growth due to an influx in new talents and the presence of a conducive working space. This shift in perspective has seen a reduction in permanent housing. Real estate developers project that despite the need to concentrate residential, commercial and entertainment spaces in the city, there will still be housing that caters to families and average-level professionals. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Sycrause University where he earned a degree that equipped him with the basics to begin working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduation. After working there for a couple of years since 1999, he left to join Legacy Financial Group and rose to become a leading producer in Maryland in a short span of time. When the United States experienced a negative shift in the real estate market, Todd Lubar joined Charter Funding and emerged as a top mortgage originator among 25 competitors in the country during his tenure. Todd served in the firm for 25 years before redirecting his career towards real estate demolition and development. Todd’s extensive experience is crucial to his enterprise’s operation, as his passion that keeps him fully updated with real estate ongoing in the country.