The Importance of Using Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution

Robert Thomas has a highly interesting story to tell. He works as a prison guard in his hometown. One of the main duties he has is to confiscate contraband items. This includes things like drugs and cell phones. Many people don’t understand how dangerous cell phones truly are when they fall into the wrong hands. They can be as dangerous, or possibly more dangerous than drugs. Robert Thomas is living proof of how dangerous cell phones can be when they fall into the hands of prison inmates.


Robert was simply doing his job when he confiscated the cell phone of a very violent inmate one day. The inmate then retaliated by taking the cell phone of another inmate. He used the cell phone to make a call to a known hit man. He then hired the hitman to kill Robert. Robert was in his home early one morning when the hitman broke into his home. He ran to the bathroom to keep the man from reaching Robert’s wife. The hitman then shot Robert six times and left him for dead. Robert was able to get to the emergency room in time to undergo surgery. He lived, but his story is proof of how dangerous cell phones can be when they fall into the hands of prison inmates.


It is for this reason that Securus Technologies is pioneering a revolutionary technology to be installed in prisons across the country. The technology is called the Wireless Containment Solution. Once it is installed, it successfully blocks all wireless communication. It also blocks cell phones from being able to connect to wireless networks. The technology is hugely successful and is being used by prisons across the United States.


Not only does the Wireless Containment Solution block all wireless communication, it also seeks out and pin point the exact location of any cell phones that have been successfully smuggled in. This is important because it helps prison security to not only block any cell phone communication, but to actually find who is utilizing or attempting to utilize a cell phone. This allows prison security guards to get a better idea of who is behind the ring of cell phones being smuggled in.


Thanks to Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution, prison security is much better equipped to combat the use of illegal cell phones. This is greatly increasing prison security throughout the United States. It is also greatly increasing security for those outside of prison walls that may have been threatened by inmates using contraband cell phones. Having this technology in place is essential to prison security and through the Wireless Containment Solution, people everywhere can rest much safer at night knowing that cell phones don’t fall into the hands of prisoners.