Rod Smith of Organo Gold’s 3 Ingredients

Going on 10 years, founder Bernardo Chua has brought gourmet coffee everywhere and now brings various healthy lifestyle products and opportunities to many with Organo Gold. Watch this video on Youtube. Rod Smith, a successful entrepreneur under the guidance 2018 Organo UTX presenter Holton Buggs, released a video on the three key ingredients to business growth with Organo Gold.


These simple three ingredients are: the hook, the story, and the offer. Regarding the hook, as a consultant, you have 9 seconds to capture your audience without being misleading. This applies to gaining more clients and/or building a team of consultants. The second step is the story. Not to give the history of Organo Gold but the success stories of the products through the clientele or thriving entrepreneurs. The final step is the offer, which is broken down into five steps. Step one, is to identify their problem. Step two, is to identify a solution to their problem. Step three, is to show the differences between Organo Gold products and their competitors. Step four is to go the extra mile to show your commitment to their success story. Step five is the promise. Mr. Smith’s stresses that in this step “only promise what you can guarantee.” Visit to know more.