Roseann Bennett Brings Canine Assisted Therapy To New Jersey


Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a mental healthcare facility located in New Jersey. Roseann Bennett chose to establish the facility after working as an in-home therapist for almost a decade. Her reasoning? She wanted to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable to those truly in need.

Among those in need, Roseann Bennett realizes that children suffer the most from a lack of proper mental healthcare treatment. In order to ensure that children are receiving the right healthcare, Roseann Bennett has decided to incorporate “Canine-Assisted Therapy” at her practice.

The use of canines in the therapy world is hardly a new concept. Dating back at least 35 years, incorporating dogs in the mental healthcare world in order to assist children has been a commonly practiced technique. Bringing a trained comfort dog into the office during consultation sessions can help children to feel more comfortable as they explore the different feelings that are welling up inside of them. Roseann Bennett knew that having a trained assistance canine could reap massive dividends for her younger charges, so it was a direction that she had to pursue. See This Page for more information.

Roseann Bennett touts the completely powerful and unconditional love that a dog can offer a child in need as one of the primary reasons that the therapy technique is so effective. After all, there are so few relationships in life that are truly unconditional. Canines also offer immense comfort for children who have landed on the autism spectrum. These children benefit massively from having a dog in the office in order to help facilitate their comfort and communication.

She established the Center for Assessment and Treatment back in 2010. Since then, her nonprofit organization has helped countless individuals in their pursuit of mental health treatment, irrespective of whether they can pay for the services.


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