Tim Ioannides The Best Dermatologist


With great responsibility comes great power. This can be used to explain the life of this great dermatologist by the name Tim Ioannides. He studied his medical degree in India, the country with the most advanced medical knowledge. He attended the University of Miami School of Medicine. He did his internship in the USA with the University of Florida School of Medicine. Tim Ioannides is an experienced dermatologist who is certified by the American Board of Dermatologists. See This Page for additional information.

Having been a dermatologist for more than fifteen years, he decided to start his own company by the name Treasure Coast Dermatology. The company has a proactive approach to medical care with dermatological practice and is also found in many places. Tim Ioannides was first employed as a cosmetic dermatologist. He was okay with it because he wanted to medical care of skin other than cosmetics. This made him branch and start his own dermatology center where he would do all that.

Although Treasure Coast Dermatology has got many locations, Tim Ioannides has a staff of dermatologists that help him run the other centers. He ensures the smooth ruining of the company by ensuring they thought they are not together they work as a team and they are on the same page always. The company is working hard on better practice. The staff is continuously being updated to promote the achieving of the company’s goal. He ensures that he build a good relationship with every patient.

Tim Ioannides likes being involved in trends that may help save lives. Being a great dermatologist he was involved in the search for skin cancer vaccine about six years ago. He discourages doctors from using electronic records because they tend to pay more attention to the electronic device than the patient. He encourages doctors to build a good relationship with their patient and always involve them.

An article with Crunchbase entitled “Tim Ioannides”, discusses how Dr. Ioannides successfully utilized his entrepreneurial calling for the sake of focusing on the niche area of medicine that became his calling: Medical Dermatology. He also discussed his success journey toward continued growth, success for Treasure Coast Dermatology.


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