Brown Modelling Agency Takes Talent To Great Heights

Brown Modelling Agency was founded in the summer of 2015 and is located in the greater Austin, Texas area. The Brown Agency grew quickly to become the leading agency for print and fashion models. Working for some of the worlds biggest brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal and many more. Justin Brown is the Cheif Executive Officer and President of Brown Modelling Agency and says that the agency prides themselves in choosing the best, while being elegant and highly professional, and delivering an outstanding amount of talent at their shows. Justin Brown himself was a model and worked his way through college being a fitness model and working at a modeling agency.


Brown Modelling Agency has open calls every Thursday evening from 3pm to 4pm. Their models are not only beautiful and talented, but they pursue an art when they walk on stage or at a photoshoot. They work with all types of models of all ages, all being diverse in their own way. A picture uploaded via Instagram of a man turned backward showing off his incredible tattoo that covers his whole back and bottom, recieved many positive comments discussing how the models show true differentiality.



Brown came about when their prior acting agency expanded. The acting agent called Wilhelmina, acquired Heyman Talent- South and became the Brown Agency. The two companies conjoined offers clients with an expanded portfolio of amazing talent and more opportunity for great talent from across the country. Michael B. Bonneé is the Heyman Talent- South founder and now works in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.


Some of the shows fashion models attend include the Austin Fashoin Week, Dallas Fashiin Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and many other shoes. Brown Modelling Agency is one Austin, Texas largest modeling agencies and a major leading agency in the United States in general. Their aspirations are to help their clients to grow and develop, being a former model, Justin knows how important it is for models to have guidance in order to succeed. They focus on hiring models in Central Texas, and are best known for their attention to their looks and sense of style that the Brown Agency is all about. You can visit their instagram account for more info


Kate Hudson: The Mind behind Fabletics

Fabletics was formed as a result of the huge gap Kate noticed in the sportswear market. It was co-founded by the JustFab chief executive officers, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The inspiration behind the idea was a lack of a stylish active wear. There were very many appealing brands before fabletics, but none of them was of high quality attaining the standards that were required. The three joined forces and came up with the brand back in the year 2013 in America. In the next year, the brand broke boundaries and managed to sell in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. In 2015, fabletics was boasting of a significant one million orders that had already been shipped. The brand has also made its way to the market of many European countries, and it’s not just stopping.


In 2015, the fabletics brand managed to have at least six retail stores in the United States. Fabletics majors in creating wear that facilitates different activities such as workouts and jogs a few to mention. The company deals with the creation of high-quality wear that can suit the wallet of a buyer. Beyond the daily sales and profits, the company also develops a community of people who embrace mantra altogether. It mainly focuses on teaching people how to live their passion. When shopping in fabletics, you can choose from the different brands created for you. You can also checkout as a guest or a VIP member. A guest window shops and comes when ready while a VIP member actively participates in the buying and also saves vast sums of money. As a VIP, you will pay the membership fee, and pricing for you can be done 50 percent off. You can also earn rewards and free shipping on orders above $50.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is an iconic actress who is based in the United States. She is also a fashion trendsetter and a mother to two kids. She believes she was born to be an inspiration to others. Kate’s passion is always focused on motivating and supporting the female gender at large. She majors at teaching women how to live healthy lives through the use of the fabletics brand. Every month, she always shows off her inspiring brands. When buying a product in fabletics, you can rest assured be that it has been tested by Kate.


Kate Hudson was born in Los Angeles and is a daughter to Goldie Hawn, an award winning actress. She studied in the Crossroads preparatory school and later advanced to the New York University. There, she chose to venture into acting instead of a different undergraduate degree.