NGP VAN: Changing the Nature of the United States Elections

During the introduction of the television and the radio decades ago, presidential hopeful used the technology to gain an advantage over their rivals. Those who have adapted to the changing technology gained the most votes, as the election was in their favors, thanks to the technologies which have assisted their victory. In the present, the same scenario happens again, but it is now with the rise of software programs used for the campaigning season. NGP VAN is one of the pioneers of the service, and they are using a software program which allows them to get in touch with the public and campaign for a candidate. The capabilities of the software program are not limited to campaigning the candidate by getting in touch with the public, because it can also use all of the tools available online to deliver the message to a lot of people. It can also trace down the areas where the majority of the supporters of a candidate lives, and it can generate a huge voter turnout if used successfully.

NGP VAN is based in Washington D.C., and the software program is being used by the Democrats ever since it was introduced. The same software program is also used in Canada by a huge number of Liberals, as well as labor unions, parties, and organizations. NGP VAN assured its clients that they would be able to bring in a huge number of voters on the day of elections, and they have always referenced the victory of former President Barack Obama to visualize their impact. During the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections, the Democrats used NGP VAN to campaign for Barack Obama and introduced him to the voters. Using the software program in perfect timing, Barack Obama won over his rivals in a landslide. This changed the way people look at campaigns, and more software programs that are behaving like NGP VAN has been introduced.

Today, NGP VAN is doing the same thing that they did years ago, campaigning solely for the Democrats. They are assuring their client that if the software program is used correctly, then a huge number of Democrats will win the upcoming 2018 United States Midterm Elections.