Dick and Betsy DeVos Continue to Transform Institutions

Mr. and Mrs. DeVos and the Windquest Group

In response to a proposal to construct a convention center and multi-purpose sport arena, Dick DeVos established the Windquest Group. This is a group of individuals who were key players in the development of the Grand Rapid’s skyline. The Windquest Group is responsible for buildings that include the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Andel Arena, and the medical school at Michigan State University.


Mr. DeVos was concerned that if the building was constructed outside of the central business district, the city could face the same fate as Detroit. The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome were constructed outside of Detroit, and the city suffered when the Pistons and Lions moved to other cities.


The Couple Continues to Revolutionize Institutes and Policies

Dick and Betsy DeVos are mega-donors who come from affluent families. The couple advocates for charter schools and made the leading contribution to the construction of the children’s hospital at the Spectrum Health System. The children’s hospital was named after Dick DeVos’ mother, Ms. Helen DeVos, who is the spouse of one of the founder’s of Amway, Richard DeVos. Since the addition of the children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, children and their families can seek treatment without having to go to Chicago, Ann Arbor, or the Mayo Clinic.


One of the couple’s primary focuses is education reform. The couple believes in freedom of school choice. One of their goals is to allow all children in the United States to have the equal educational opportunities. They want to break the stigma that children should attend a specific school solely based on their address. Mrs. DeVos’ notable work has caught the attention of many, and she was appointed to US Education Sectary by President Trump.


Dick DeVos and the Grands Rapids Airport

Mr. DeVos helped to expand airline service in Grand Rapids. He reached out to the AirTran Airways CEO to lobby for the expansion of airline services, which resulted in nonstop flights being offered at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. After AirTran Airways was acquired by Southwest, Mr. DeVos lobbied for the airport to continue to offer nonstop services by Southwest, and he was successful. Southwest started offering direct flights to Orlando, Baltimore, and St. Louis in the summer of 2013. The airport has flourished, and there were 45 million in upgrades on the airport was completed in 2018.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy

In 2010, Mr. DeVos was inspired by his wife to start a charter high school that helped students prepare for careers in the aviation industry. The West Michigan Aviation Academy started with 80 students and has grown to have more than 600 students.


The Great Lakes Education Project

Dick and Betsy DeVos started the Great Lakes Education Project. This is an organization that focuses on school-choice advocacy and has a political action committee. This organization was successful in blocking a proposal that would give a commission to make decisions regarding the opening of new schools in Michigan.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

What it takes to be a Philanthropist: Dick DeVos Gives Back to the American Community

When I go through Betsy DeVos interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, it’s clear to me how appreciative Betsy is to her husband Dick DeVos. According to Betsy, Dick’s strong attribute is philanthropy. He is actively involved in community projects, especially helping the less privileged members of the Michigan society. In 2006, the people of Michigan wanted Dick to represent them as governor and he was given the Republic nominee ticket. This kind of effort demonstrates an individual who is determined to serve his community. He is able to mix politics and business and still find the opportunity to give back to the Michigan community.


Dick the Philanthropist


Dick DeVos is the President of Dick & Betsy (D&B) Foundation. The foundation has donated several millions of dollars to educational, religious, community, and civic functions. As the President of the foundation, Dick prioritizes on helping the poor Michigan families. Among the major beneficiaries from Dick’s Foundation are:



  • Kid’s Hope Foundation
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
  • Potters House
  • Mass Hill Bible Church
  • Willow Creek Association
  • Rehoboth Christian School
  • Hope College
  • Princeton University
  • American Education Reform Council


In 2010, Dick founded the West Michigan Aviation College, the first public chartered aviation school in the US. The school caters for less privileged kids in Michigan. The academy is a demonstration of the love that Dick has for education and aviation. According to Dick, the school is an opportunity for the young Michigan community to fly. Through D&B, Dick is actively involved in the support of artistic talents throughout Michigan.


Since 2009, Dick has been active in funding different art events in Grand Rapids. In 2010, D&B Foundation gave $22.5 million to Kennedy Center. The center later changed its name to DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The money was the largest donation accorded to the arts center. In promoting free market economy, Dick has given a number of grants to several organizations. Some of the beneficiaries include Heritage Foundation, Action Institute, and Hudson Institute. In promoting education, Dick through the D&B Foundation offers scholarships to a number of kids in America. They give sponsorship to students attending Northwood University among other educational institutes.




Today, Dick DeVos is a celebrated Michigan hero and American icon. His love for charity, especially helping the young less privileged Americans achieve quality education makes him a true leader. He continues to inspire millions across America through grants and scholarships.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/.

Orange Coast College Recap

Orange Coast College has had some new exciting innovations take place on campus, A new recycling center! This may not seem like a huge deal, but it was for the townies. At their old recycling center only about 250 to 300 people would visit to drop off their recycled goods. With the updates to the new and improved building, the numbers have increased to 400 people! The new recycling center is slowly reaching it’s goal, the purpose was to build to innovations that would attract more people to come in order to create more recycling opportunities. They’re on the the way to something special! Learn more: http://www.coastreportonline.com/campus_news/news/article_81418aca-933e-11e7-a8be-53b844a797fb.html


Due to the updates at the new recycling center, more guests are able to come at a single time. The center used to have only eight car spaces, that increased significantly to 45. Almost every townie realized that difference right away. The new center also accepts more variation of matter for recycling. The renovation was a fantastic idea for the recycling center, because now it is no longer hidden and people can actually see it.


Some other innovations include new classrooms for students interested in taking environmental studies and resources management in the spring, they now have showers for workers to use and enjoy for breaks after they finish a long shift. Many of the workers happened to be students, so this was very convenient for them.


How the recycling center works is, guests bring in their recyclable items and put them in the correct bin. Afterwards, the bottles are then sorted again by hand or machine to make sure they are correctly organized, once organized the plastic is taken to different areas to be reused. Some of the places they are taken to are Los Angeles and Paris to be made into new products.


The recycling center has plans for the future. They want to attract more users by advertisement through media, utility bills, and in print. If the center can get more guests to come, that will increase the growth of their business and help the planet out in the future by reusing plastic and glass instead of killing more trees!

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