Rocketship Education: What’s the True Cost?

At first glance, the Rocketship Education group of charter institutions has an innovative and more comprehensive way for children to learn. At the forefront of technology, they have implemented a nice tech and traditional methods of learning so students can retain and utilize important skills and reach their full potential. Rocketship education has their students scoring higher on their state tests than their peers attending a traditional school system. They have implemented a very structured and strict system that seems to be working academically, but there are some things that definitely need to be fixed within the Rocketship Education system. Because the teacher’s pay depends on students scored, there have been reported cases of the students having to retake state exams to receive higher scores. Former employees have stated that these competitive environments lead to a degree of forged data, which in turn, can end up hurting and putting unnecessary pressure on the students and on the teachers.

Part of what comes with these tech-integrated solutions to learning with Rocketship Education, are lower paid “instructors” who are there mostly to maintain order in the labs while children do their computer work. Having these under-trained individuals tending to the kids has caused some issues with the care and attention the students are receiving from the Rocket Education system, and has even lead to some lawsuits and objections from the parents. Some of these issues included things like children not getting required bathroom breaks and therefore getting infections. Parents are concerned with the tech-heavy instruction models leaving the teacher to student ratio fairly low. Disciplinary actions have also been overdone, to the extent of hours of enforced silence which they call “Zone Zero”.

Although Rocketship Education has some serious potential in the way students are taught. There are things that need to change in the Rocketship Education system so that the teacher/student treatment becomes more reasonable. The care and safety of the students needs to come before anything. Once Rocketship Education implements better strategies for this care, the system will be on track to optimally serve their students and teachers.

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Betsy DeVos Brings Reformer Skills to Washington D.C.

If you were to sit down across the table from Betsy DeVos, the newest Secretary of Education of the United States, you would find her to be incredibly sharp and extremely capable of having a conversation. Despite her calm demeanor and soft-spoken words, Betsy DeVos has proven herself over the past thirty years to be something of a mover and shaker within the political world. While DeVos is largely new to politics on a broad scale, she has spent the majority of her life working toward enacting real change in the communities around her. With that being said, what makes Betsy DeVos so uniquely qualified to lead President Donald Trump’s Department of Education? It’ll be tough to capture her core message and life story in a short message, but let us give it a shot.


Betsy DeVos was born in a small Dutch community in Holland, Michigan. Growing up, DeVos was lucky to be born into a loving family that was built around the core tentpoles of family, faith, and freedom. Betsy DeVos was born into a wealthy family with her brother running a huge security firm and her father running his own massive business. Instead of resting on her laurels and allowing life to pass her by in luxury, DeVos instead opted to pursue a higher education and turn toward trying to manufacture real change in the world. DeVos would go on to attend Calvin College and it was there that she sharpened her mind into the powerful tool of change that it is today.


While attending Calvin College, DeVos would become intimately familiar with the writings of Milton Friedman. Friedman penned many works over fifty years ago that argued against the role of government intervention in education. DeVos would take his writing and she would put it into the foundation of the change she would seek to pass in Michigan. DeVos would take from Friedman’s core message and with it she would popularize the concept of school choice. School choice, which argues for more freedom in private educational facilities, has since become the foundation of conservative education reform. Reform is the key-word in the prior sentence as DeVos considers herself a Reformer at heart. Over the past thirty years, DeVos would work to instill school choice in as many states as possible and this work would put her on the map of President Donald Trump.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is going to have to deal with many of the issues that plague first-time politicians. While DeVos has plenty of experience at the state level, having run several charities, she is heading to Washington D.C. for the first time ever. Still, if the Washington ‘swamp’ thinks that it can take advantage of DeVos’ lack of experience, they are in for a rude awakening. Betsy DeVos crafted a reputation in Michigan as someone to be feared and to be respected and now she is going to be sending that same message to politicians on both sides of the political aisle in her role atop the Department of Education.


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