Professor Anthony Constantinou Shows The Real Life Applications Of His Research


Anthony C. Constantinou is a prestigious figure in the University of London, where works as the Lecturer Assistant Professor of the University and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence research lab at Queen Mary’s.

Anthony is an integral part of the community of the University of London and is a beloved professor by the students. At the research lab, Anthony has conducted a number of researches and improved on lectures and theories for the University.

Anthony continuously collaborates with other institutions in the UK and have lectured in many organizations. At the Queen Mary University of London, he also graduated and received his academic formation.

Anthony Constantinou, different from most scientists and researchers, apply his findings and experiences to real-life applications. He is continually teaching about data-mining in businesses, the applications of artificial intelligence and its future, as well as using mathematics, probabilities, and analytics to talk about sports, finances, investments, business administration, medicine, and even gaming. Get Additional Information Here.

Anthony Constantinou became the Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence of the University after becoming an Assistant Professor of Machine Learning and Data Mining. Beyond that, he is also the Principal Investigator on EPSRC “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty.”

Apart from his job as a University teacher, Anthony is a big enthusiast of the sports industry. He has collaborated with many companies and firms as a consultant in the rating systems, helping analyze risks and the betting industry surrounding the sports scene. In this role, he has partnered with Agenda Ltd, the JFE Steel Corporation in Japan and the Venture Sports and Events from Thailand.

Last but not least, Anthony Constantinou also utilizes his experience with the financial administration in his day-to-day life, as he is a property investor and landlord as well.

Visiting, where the Professor is continually sharing news and updates to his research, you can already identify that Anthony is an experienced research in the fields of mathematics and machine learning.