Sharon Prince, Advocates For Togetherness

Sharon Prince of New Canaan, Connecticut, dream of combing the elements of faith, justice, the arts and nature with the community (local and global) resonates in tranquility with beauty upon an 80 acre countryside compound. A welcoming facility, promoting and encouraging inclusiveness, regardless of differences in social, economic, and educational backgrounds.

Generously open to the public, six days a week (Tuesday through Sunday), as a functioning, engagement center, the serene atmosphere combines nature and architecture together brilliantly. As a result, a wide range of participates attend.

Prince, as the Chair and President of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation (non-profit) and her like-minded associates, advocate for the thought process between accessible space and communication. Thus, the name, Grace Farms, is a perfect match in relation to the thought provoking activities offered here.

Constructed with the keen, preservation insight between existing buildings onsite (two barns) and its natural surroundings, the award-winning team of SANAA, hailing from Tokyo commissioned the River building. The prized, glassed panel, steel, concrete and wood structure has sections, referred to as, volumes (five in total).

Flexible and conducive to the changing activities taking place, each is spatially and thoughtfully designed. For example, there is a designated library area. Offering an assortment of books on the their targeted focus of outreach (described above) this volume space encourages private, reflective research, along with group gatherings for further discussions and readings (complete with a fireplace and glass-enclosures).

Situated among lovely views and comfortable furnishings, visitors spend time away from their busy, daily routines. In another section, pots of brewing, fresh tea tempt visitors to further unwind and enjoy. Furthermore, there are nature trails and bird watching opportunities. See This Article for more information.

Additionally, there are public and private areas for round-table discussions and training workshops. With a special focus on the ending of human trafficking and slavery, advocates from a variety of professions continue to strive toward this tragedies extinction.

It is the hope of Grace Farms and Sharon Prince for more of these places to occur throughout the world. Fostering the spirit of group gathering, town halls highlighting the issues of togetherness verses disconnectedness with the world and the events surrounding us. It is a worthy cause and commitment.