Steve Lesnard Views On Branding And The Future Of Consumption


Steve Lesnard has a brilliant interpretation of entrepreneurship. Steve Lesnard believes that any venture should solve all the consumer questions before getting any dollar as a profit. This view on business has given him a chance to work with some of the biggest companies in different sectors. According to him, the role of Global Brand Consultant is to polish up on a company that has interests of the consumer. From early 1997, he has worked with sports brands, technology entities, and some technology companies. Steve Lesnard points out that each sector has given him a different understanding of the modern consumer and more importantly how consumer trends operate in the 21st century.

With only one-year experience in 1998, Steve Lesnard was in charge of a mega project. Working under the umbrella Canadian snowboard teams in the famous 1998 Olympics was his most memorable moment. His contribution to the 1998 Olympics opened up doors for him to work with different entities around the world. He has worked with European, African and Middle East brands on different capacities in the retail world. According to Steve Lesnard, the experience of working with different entities in different markets helped him to understand the potential women retail stores have in the developed world.

In all his life as a brand expert, Steve Lesnard has understood the role of partnerships. He is arguably one of the few professionals that have vast connections in the world of fashion. These connections have given him an added advantage to work with global brands such as Apple in different projects and working with global stars such as Rihanna. Steve Lesnard also appreciated the value of innovations in the branding world, especially because the modern consumer has a more educated view on branding. According to him, having an innovative approach to branding helps his clients to utilize trends. Read This Article for additional information.

In his recent interview, Steve Lesnard pointed out that his main motivation in the world of branding is to help different entities around the world to realize their potentials. His exposure has been instrumental for him in having a global view on branding. Although he is passionate about the USA branding market, he is more passionate about the international market.


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