Kimberly Bakker’s Professional Insights in Business


Kimberly Bakker juggles a lot in her life being a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a chairperson on various non-profit boards, CEO position and event planner as well as full-time mom. Kimberly studied at the University of Southern California imparting vast knowledge to pursue her career. After school, she began working at the Mayor’s office as a San Francisco Protocol Officer. Bakker excelled in her work and managed to garner myriads of skills. She oversaw several successful events in the course of her career.

Kimberly Bakker’s impressive skills, insight and immense knowledge in business resulted in the establishment of her business, the Kimberly Bakker Events. Gazette Day recently published a feature about Kimberly entitled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.

Kimberly Bakker Events is a company that specializes in overseeing multiple events, offers public relations, business consulting services and quality control for customers. Kimberly Bakker’s innovative mindset inspired the creation of the company. As a young girl, Kimberly also loved entertaining family and the concept of hosting became her passion.

In an interview, Kimberly Bakker explained that during event planning, her main focus is providing a unique setting for the hosts. She utilizes bespoke items for the event to create a sense of warmth, hospitality and individuality. In small events such as a dinner party, Bakker can decide to use her grandmother’s silverware instead of stock silverware. It makes the party more intimate and exclusive. Go Here to learn more.

Kimberly also ensures the guests take home a special meal once the event is over while the host is making social rounds. Such small details are appreciated and cherished by the clients. Kimberly also stated that in her career the most useful skill is being organized, as it is key to success. In her line of work being well organized makes a huge difference. In event planning, there is a lot of room for error because it entails many details when putting all things in perspective. Lastly, Kimberly Bakker believes new business owners should always trust their instincts.


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