Agera Energy Scores an A+ from the Better Business Bureau

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy has come onto the energy services scene as a symbol of how an energy company should relate towards its customers. From the smallest homes to the biggest energy businesses, Agera Energy strives to put their dedicated fan base of over 1.8 million customers first.

Agera means ‘To Take Action’, and that is exactly what they are doing. Through their motto of ‘Energy for Good’, Agera Energy is revolutionizing how the energy industry interacts with their customers by themselves being the change they hoped to see. They are simplifying the energy-buying process and tailoring energy solutions for each individual customer.

By competing with local utility suppliers, about Agera Energy is also helping to bring down energy prices across the board. It is because of their policy of putting customers first and working directly with customers to meet their needs that Agera Energy scored an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.