JD.com And Rakuten Collaboration To Provide Unmanned Delivery Solutions in Japan

JD.com, or as known by many as Jingdong Mall, is currently China’s largest online retailer. On the other hand, Rakuten, Inc. is a renowned global innovation company in the field of e-commerce. Recently, these two firms signed an agreement. Details of the agreement reveal that drones and autonomous delivery robots owned by Jingdong will be utilized for Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions. These autonomous bots will be used in Japan.

Under this agreement, Jingdong will combine its specialization in developing drones and autonomous delivery bots with Rakuten’s understanding of drone delivery operations in Japan. The two companies will combine the knowledge of their respective fields on Rakuten’s planned lineup of autonomous delivery services to offer a wide range of applications and situations.

Rakuten has been in the business of drone delivery since 2016 when the service was launched. Since the inception of the drone delivery service, Rakuten has gained significant experience through trials and the provision of its services in collaboration with corporate clients and the local government. In 2018, Rakuten had its first delivery trial using a combination of autonomous delivery robots and drones, this being a significant step in solving Japan’s last mile challenge in the logistics sector. Visit This Page for additional information about the company.

Jingdong started developing its drone program in 2015 then launched the world’s first commercial drone delivery service in 2016. Jingdong’s first commercial delivery took place in rural China. Currently, Jingdong has logged more than 400,000 minutes of flight time. Early this year (January 2019) JD.com announced the success of the first government-approved drone test flight carried out in Indonesia. The success of the test flight opened commercial drone use in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

In China, the use of autonomous delivery robots and drones are increasingly becoming popular in urban areas and cities. Sights of the autonomous delivery services in action are frequent in office parks and numerous university campuses. Jingdong has additionally launched two smart autonomous delivery stations in the cities of Hohhot and Changsha.

The launch of these stations has transformed the last-mile logistics while further increasing the delivery speeds for clients. JD.com’s partnership with Rakuten is aimed at commercialization of Rakuten’s autonomous and unmanned delivery solutions in Japan.


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Steve Lesnard The Global Marketing Consultant


Steve Lesnard has worked with as a marketing director form various company ranging from fashion brands to sports marketing and product management. Throughout his career, Steve Lesnard has had the opportunity to oversee high profile business expansion, managing some of the best brand campaigns as well as the launching of outstanding products into the market.

Steve Lesnard has a solid record as an innovative marketing director with in-depth knowledge in digital, product and consumer expertise. The marketing industry has been very dynamic about social and digital mediums.

These mediums have significantly changed how new products are introduced in the market. As much as these choices much benefits, they also have shortcomings if they are not well implemented. Steve Lesnard states that understanding customer needs is the key to a grand success and that’s why a brand that place customer needs at the center of their strategy tend to well.

When introducing a new product into the market, it is essential to concentrate on the key features or benefits that add value to the consumer. The product description should be simple and memorable and highlighting the key benefits. Steve Lesnard believes the best product introduction should articulate simplicity and focusing on the relevant and innovative features to pass the message about the product to the consumers.

For instance, the recognized iPod campaign which enabled them to penetrate easily in the market it straightforward and memorable, “10 thousand songs in your pocket”. It was the time when the industry was competing for technical supremacy, and the Apple Company concentrated on bringing a solution to the consumers who wanted a portable and large storage music device. Go Here for related Information.

The second principle for introducing a new product involves bringing the consumer’s experience into a real-life situation. This consists of demonstrating how the product can be used or how it could look like when it is put on or what impact does it have when it is used. All these aspects can be showcased in different ways, e.g. the use of videos for product placing or bringing a customer testimony to express the best features of the product in your storyline.


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Powerful Wardrobe Transformation by The RealReal

Secondhand e-commerce has been growing and considered as one of the largest shifts in the industry of retailing and online sites such as The RealReal is popularly known for its fashionable and sustainable environment where savvy and sharp shoppers are buying resale. The company continues to lead and focuses on authenticity on continuing the lifecycle of a wide range of luxurious items. The RealReal has established two storefronts in New York City and in West Hollywood last 2017 and 2018.

Authenticity and Sustainability Is Key

According to a recent report, the industry of resale has boosted shoppers experience more than ever and the accelerating rates for secondhand as their options have continued to grow. Over the past few years, the rise of resale can be seen in the market where the retailers online make it quicker and easier for shoppers to buy, purchase, resell, rent and subscribe. Moreover, the behavior and preferences of shoppers change over time as well as online retail shops that go along with it.

Years ago, purchasing a brand new handbag from Gucci may seem too far since there weren’t as many options of purchasing it outside its primary market. The RealReal became an answer and solution for shoppers. The company offers hundreds to thousands of luxurious brands and handbags that have a low price yet durable and authentic in quality. People should consider the lifecycle of a brand and its possibility for reselling later on. The primary objective of The RealReal is to build new lifecycles for luxury items and offers shoppers an upgraded wardrobe that is authentic and high quality.

A luxury consignment retailer that is famously known as the RealReal is based on San Francisco and was launched in e-commerce last 2011. The Chief Executive Officer, Julie Wainwright, established the online business after setting her sights and goals on pre-owned luxury items. The online site consists of pre-owned collections from top luxury brands and leading designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Chanel, Rolex, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and hundreds to thousands of well-known brands and designers that you won’t be able to find easily.

Paul Mampilly – Learn the Financial Predictions He Made for 2019

Paul Mampilly has achieved a considerable height of success in the field of finance in the United States. After he graduated from the Fordham University in New York in 1991, he joined Banker’s Trust as their asset portfolio manager. Later on, Paul Mampilly joined Kinetics Asset Management, which was managing over $6 billion in assets and investor funds for clients at the time. He helped the company to grow its assets and investments to over twenty billion dollars under his supervision and management. After working for several years for the elite companies in Wall Street, he realized that while the big companies have the expertise of financial managers available, the common people continue to struggle with managing their investments and finance.

Paul Mampilly left the successful career he enjoyed at Wall Street to join Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is the editor of several financial newsletters, including Profits Unlimited. These newsletters provide details about where to invest and which investment products in the market are worth considering. He also shares his insight into the various stocks that are profit-oriented and which one should consider investing in. With time, Paul Mampilly has been able to gather considerable insight into the financial market, and he uses his experience and expertise to help common people manage their investments and finance smartly. His newsletter is quite popular and gets new subscribers almost on a daily basis.

Paul Mampilly recently talked about technology development in all the different industries, including that in the financial world. One of the top predictions he made is about the importance of Big Data. He believes that even small companies will utilize data and analyze them to improve their products and also to develop new products and services. Since technology has advanced, Big Data is much more reachable and affordable for small companies. It offers an insight into the mindset of the people and helps companies make short term and long term strategies. Apart from he also believes that it allows companies to change and modify their products to meet the unique need of their evolving customers.

Visit his website: https://paulmampillyguru.com/

JD.com Shares interesting Claim That Technology Has Benefited Physical Retailers


A recent blog post from JD’s corporate blog lists the importance of technology and how it has changed retail. More and more people are buying items online than choosing to go out to stores and purchase products.

That is how online retailer JD.com, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall, has made a name for itself in China and abroad for its convenient service and quick delivery process. Anyone can go onto the website and purchase beauty, electronics, clothing, food, and other items right from their computers.

However, JD.com shares that stores have been doing well with technology thanks to feedback and online data to improve customer service and receive helpful feedback. The article from JD’s blog states that although the online market has grown with more people purchasing items online, physical stores are still here to stay as online income only accounts for roughly 8% of retail in the US and 15% for China. Click Here to learn more.

Over time, Jingdong Mall has made itself into one of China’s biggest retailers through networking and partnerships. It has only helped that they have a reliable delivery system that can ship content and get the items to people’s doorsteps on the same day or the next.

In an article with WSJ, “Chinese Retailer JD.com Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service”, Jingdong talked about new package-delivery service will compete with private express carriers in a crowded market in China for parcel transportation. This marks the next step in leveraging the nationwide logistics network that JD has built over the past decade.

In the meantime, Jingdong has been spreading the knowledge and their service to other companies to help them out. Technology is quite something as the article states that people can order items while in their car and use virtual reality to try on clothes instead of going out to check if they fit and how they would look on them.

There are other benefits to this though, as technology can also allow companies to see what are the most popular items, how many someone has bought of it, and what the individual likes the most. Ideally, the date allows retailers and stores to improve their marketing. All of these findings, according to JD.com, show that if stores or businesses want to be successful that they will have to use technology and embrace change as they have.


View source: https://jdcorporateblog.com/about-liu-qiangdong/

Steve Lesnard -the Sports Marketing Success

Steve Lesnard is an expert in marketing sports running wear. He was the Global Vice President and General Manager NIKE and has wide experience in marketing sports products. His mantra for success is to constantly study consumer behavior and ensure that they get what they want when they shop for a particular brand.

Steve Lesnard grew up in both Corsica and France. He was a keen sportsman from a very young age. He owes many of his marketing and business skills to the values he learned while taking part in sports. He is the son of working parents and he learned his work ethos of hard work and integrity from his parents. He graduated with an MBA in France and also obtained a Master’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship and International Business from the Babson College at Wellesley in Massachusetts. He continued to be a keen sportsman as a student and organized many sports events and tournaments for his schools. He first worked for a Luxury Fashion brand in New York City but soon gave the job up to get work in the sports industry.

Steve Lesnard attributes his success to his focus on understanding consumers. The more data the company collects about customers, the more the company is likely to create the products they want. He says that industries influence other industries. The health and wellness industry directly influences the sports industry as more and more customers take to sports and exercise to maintain good health. The customer controls the market today. Companies must give customers an optimum experience and must keep updating their methods to keep customers interested in their products and services. Companies in Steve Lesnard’s opinion require a clear strategy as to how they can innovate ways to improve the experience of their customers.

Steve Lesnard’s love for sports has made him successful in sports marketing. He is consumer focused and keeps a strict vigil on whether products match the needs of consumers. He is constantly innovating and improving products and services to give the best possible experience for sports consumers who buy brands marketed by his company.

Find out more about Steve Lesnard: https://www.mylife.com/steve-lesnard/e480435972018

Agera Energy Scores an A+ from the Better Business Bureau

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy has come onto the energy services scene as a symbol of how an energy company should relate towards its customers. From the smallest homes to the biggest energy businesses, Agera Energy strives to put their dedicated fan base of over 1.8 million customers first.

Agera means ‘To Take Action’, and that is exactly what they are doing. Through their motto of ‘Energy for Good’, Agera Energy is revolutionizing how the energy industry interacts with their customers by themselves being the change they hoped to see. They are simplifying the energy-buying process and tailoring energy solutions for each individual customer.

By competing with local utility suppliers, about Agera Energy is also helping to bring down energy prices across the board. It is because of their policy of putting customers first and working directly with customers to meet their needs that Agera Energy scored an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

Kimberly Bakker’s Professional Insights in Business


Kimberly Bakker juggles a lot in her life being a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a chairperson on various non-profit boards, CEO position and event planner as well as full-time mom. Kimberly studied at the University of Southern California imparting vast knowledge to pursue her career. After school, she began working at the Mayor’s office as a San Francisco Protocol Officer. Bakker excelled in her work and managed to garner myriads of skills. She oversaw several successful events in the course of her career.

Kimberly Bakker’s impressive skills, insight and immense knowledge in business resulted in the establishment of her business, the Kimberly Bakker Events. Gazette Day recently published a feature about Kimberly entitled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.

Kimberly Bakker Events is a company that specializes in overseeing multiple events, offers public relations, business consulting services and quality control for customers. Kimberly Bakker’s innovative mindset inspired the creation of the company. As a young girl, Kimberly also loved entertaining family and the concept of hosting became her passion.

In an interview, Kimberly Bakker explained that during event planning, her main focus is providing a unique setting for the hosts. She utilizes bespoke items for the event to create a sense of warmth, hospitality and individuality. In small events such as a dinner party, Bakker can decide to use her grandmother’s silverware instead of stock silverware. It makes the party more intimate and exclusive. Go Here to learn more.

Kimberly also ensures the guests take home a special meal once the event is over while the host is making social rounds. Such small details are appreciated and cherished by the clients. Kimberly also stated that in her career the most useful skill is being organized, as it is key to success. In her line of work being well organized makes a huge difference. In event planning, there is a lot of room for error because it entails many details when putting all things in perspective. Lastly, Kimberly Bakker believes new business owners should always trust their instincts.


View source: http://www.fivehundo.com/kimberly-bakker-founder-kimberly-bakker-events/


Kisling Nestico & Redick’s Incredible Mission To Helping People


Kisling Nestico & Redick (KNR) is among the most prominent personal injury law firm in Ohio. The firm provides modern and experienced injury law representation to clients in the entire Ohio State area. It is also experiencing rapid growth due to the impressive reputation the firm has built with time. KNR is known for its excellent skills as well as the personal service it offers, extensive legal experience and inside vast knowledge of the insurance industry. More recognition comes from the firm’s catchy slogan, which is, hurt in a car call KNR.

The firm possesses a team of 30 attorneys and over 100 support staff working throughout Ohio in their ten open locations. KNR was established in 2005, and since then it has tackled thousands of cases. The firm has recovered more than $450 Million in settlements and verdicts while defending their clients.

The law firm is an award-winning name who’s received honors such as ‘Top 100 Trial Lawyer’ and is included in organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates. The lawyers at KNR are dedicated to their clients and seeing that justice is served. It is their dedication and compassion that’s helped them earn the trust of the Akron community for so long already.

Kisling Nestico & Redick was an idea inspired by personal experience. The zeal and passion for standing strongly against the practices of huge insurance organizations come from a page in Rob Nestico’s life story. Rob Nestico, KNR’s Managing Partner, was in a life threating accident when he was only 15 years old. Rob was a passenger in a car that was hit by a driver who failed to follow the stop sign. The driver died, and Nestico suffered profound injuries. He suffered a hematoma on his head, two broken arms which needed placement of a steel rod in the forearm and two broken kneecaps. Nestico took three months to recover from his injuries while in the hospital. The insurance company handling his settlement claim took advantage of the fact that Nestico’s parents who were Italian immigrants didn’t speak English. Nestico learned from that early stage in life that organizations will always exploit people who can’t fight back. Go To This Page for related information.

Kisling Nestico & Redick is dedicated to bringing justice to families who are unable to fight back such huge companies. The firm uses well-thought-out strategies to anticipate the moves of the insurance companies. Also, KNR’s large portion of attorneys has previously worked for insurance companies. The inside knowledge assists Kisling Nestico & Redick to understand better the tactics of the companies they go against in order to win the settlement claims.


More about the KNR on https://patch.com/ohio/fairlawn-bath/directory/listing/21881/kisling-nestico-redick

Felipe Montoro Jens Has A Lot Of Experience And Is A Perfectionist

Felipe Montoro Jens has been involved in finance for years and helps both individuals and companies. He is always trying to find solutions to any problems that he comes across, and he helps governments with eliminating waste. He is always trying to make people more profitable, and he is able to do that because of his experience, passion, and the business degree that he got from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a good school in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens starts each day with a workout. Then, to stay productive throughout his day, he avoids social media. He also avoids small talk as much as possible and focuses on meetings and other things that he needs to do. He gets stuff done by talking with smart people and figuring out how to do it well. He also makes sure to get some inspiration each day, and he does that through reading news and watching movies. A trend that excites him is people living healthier lifestyles because that is something he is passionate about. And, he says that one thing that keeps him productive is keeping his focus on the goal. He knows that he needs to pay attention to what needs to be done to accomplish that goal so that he can make it. Read this article about Montoro Jens at empresassa.com

Felipe Montoro Jens is a perfectionist and likes things to be in their place. He also puts an emphasis on reviewing his work over and over again until he feels that it is right. And he has always been trying to improve what he is doing since he first started as an entrepreneur. Felipe Montoro Jens believes in putting his full effort into his work, and he believes that everyone who wants to succeed in their career has to be focused on the present and what they are doing now.

Learn more: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens