Ashley Brasier among the Value Lightspeed Ventures Partners Executive Additions

Ashley Lightspeed Ventures Partners was founded in 2000, and just like any other growing company, administrative and managerial shifts are bound to cope up with the change. It is always thoughtful to hire qualified and people of worth who will propel and share into the vision of the company. Ashley Lightspeed Ventures Partner has just announced the new appointees to join their team of professionals. The list comprises of five new partners including Ashley Brasier among other seasoned business leaders.

This company since its enactment has only had two partners and a few feminine leaders. The addition balances out the gender disparity. Ashley Lightspeed will be in charge of women in tech and in helping global business development. She will also be tasked with the responsibility of managing consumer investing practice just in a bid to help people make of the opportunities there is in the market and how to seize them. She was previously working at Thumbtack as a manager of the on-demand services. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

About Ashley Brasier

Ashley Brasier is a business management expert although she grew up with a desire to become an architect. However, her dream changed after she realized she enjoyed operational business works in analytic, management and administration. She did her first degree at the Duke University then proceeded to Stanford Graduate School of Business for her MBA. Brasier with interest at the Silicon Valley joined Thumbtack as the Category Manager. She managed the customer growth and experience; gathering on innovative ideas to help in improvement. Prototyping is her working guide which she firmly believes every entrepreneur have to thrive.

Herein, Braiser got to learn more about venture capital from the fundraising pitch desk. This was an exciting world for her as got to identify and work on emerging trends. It helped her grasp some opportunities she too could use to bring about financial inflow. Also, it birthed her consulting projects that quite a fortune was made from the same.