Victoria Doramus, Author, Marketer, Planner and Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is arguably the most diverse marketer and planner of this generation. And this is simply because she has that rare ability to mix all the aspects of her learning with both her experience and the latest trends before giving her esteemed clients marketing strategies that actually work.

Her Work Experience

Her raw talent and superb work ethic aside, the other reason why Victoria Doramus has managed to thrive in the market is that of her rather long work experience. As soon as she graduated from the University of Colorado back in 2006, Victoria Doramus has had the pleasure of working with quite a number of people as well as organizations.

She has been linked to celebrated film director Peter Berg where she worked as his bona fide assistant and planner between 2014 and 2016. Victoria Doramus has also written for information sites such as The Huffington Post, USA Today and The Cassandra Report among others.

The Charities Victoria Doramus Is Involved With

When Victoria Doramus isn’t drafting a clever marketing strategy for her esteemed clients or writing a piece for an authoritative online magazine such as The Huffington Post, she always loves spending time giving back. One way that she does this is by getting involved with a few charities. One such charity is none other than The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is a platform used to guide young women who are affected by drug addiction, whether directly or indirectly. Victoria Doramus is also involved with a number of charities that are associated with animals. This is simply because she’s always had a soft spot for animals ever since she was a little girl. Victoria Doramus is also involved with the ‘Room to Read’ charity foundation.

The room to read charity foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating as many children as possible. Today, the organization has affected well over 12 million kids since its inception in the year Y2K. Victoria Doramus is also involved with the Best Friends Animal Society. Founded back in 1984, the organization is involved with urging the public to adopt vulnerable animals.