Ted Bauman Gives Tips on Securing Liquid Assets

Ted Bauman works at Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer and editor. He specializes in asset protection and investment strategies through the experience he gained from Burger King and McDonald’s. He admits that the experience he got from these previous jobs is worth sharing. He says that hard work and balancing of people’s affairs without discriminating them against class are the key pillars to success. Born in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and graduated with post-graduate degrees in history and economics. He later moved to Latin America and the Caribbean to work with the Habitat for Humanity. He co-founded Slum Dwellers International that caters for fourteen million people across thirty-five countries.

During his writing, Ted Bauman has researched and written for nonprofit funding companies in Europe, the United Nations and the government of South Africa. His writings and editions appear in his three blogs at Banyan Hill Publishing. In one of his blogs, Bauman letters, he gives tips on how to keep liquid assets securely. For valuables like guns and artwork, he notes that the smart way is to keep them in a lock box or home safe that must be waterproof and waterproof. Additionally, he suggests that they it’s not a wise idea to keep them in one place. He points out that they could be kept in the local bank’s safe box. They are more secure in the bank an easily accessible than in the house. Another option according to Bauman, they can be stored in a box at a foreign bank. He gives an example of Switzerland that secures assets for the account holders.

Ted Bauman points out that another place to store the assets is in a foreign vault company. Countries like Austria, Singapore, and Switzerland have asset-storage facilities. However, some countries require physical appearance when opening an account. The services are expensive, and account holders must dig deeper in the pockets to enjoy these services. Vaults in New Zealand are remotely accessible because foreigners could open accounts online and ship their assets for storage. In his publications, Bauman advises the readers to secure their liquid assets safely for the benefit of future generation.

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NYC Entrepreneur Chris Burch Talks About Some Of His Recent Endeavors


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New York entrepreneur Chris Burch has been busy over the last few years. Burch has sold his stake in several companies while also investing in several fashion brands. Burch has stakes in Solid and Striped, Chubbies, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres, among other companies. Burch also recently launched a fashion line. Burch is diversifying his investment portfolio by seeking out opportunities in the travel and health care industries. Recently, Chris Burch sat down to talk about what the future holds for him.

Burch says that his intensity has helped him manage all of his investment opportunities. He may not always enjoy a good night’s rest, but he makes sure that all of his emails and texts are answered. Burch tries to avoid being indecisive. He prefers to make quick decisions. He isn’t afraid to make mistakes, see (Huffingtonpost.com).

Burch is aware that there are a lot of copycats on the market. Burch also feels that digital marketing has stagnated. He also believes that influencer marketing has also reached its apex. There is no longer any brand loyalty, based on prnewswire.com.

Burch believes that a shift is happening. People are seeking unique experiences. Chris Burch believes that housing is going to get smaller. The new luxuries are travel, nature, and creating unique experiences.

Burch is intrigued by the beauty and wellness market because he loves women and luxury items. He is involved in the making of a diet pill that is currently being tested in Asia. Burch also notes that he is getting involved in the skin care business through partnering with Elite Body Sculpture, click https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/chris-burch-nihi-sumba-island/.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Eyes On A Global Market


JD.com is a massive Chinese commercial retailer. They have single-handedly changed the Chinese e-commerce business. The businessman behind all of this progress is Richard Liu Qiangdong. Recently he gave an interview to Weforum.org. The interviewer wanted to discuss the success of JD.com. Originally, JD.com was Jingdong Mall. It was a brick-and-mortar retail store that allowed customers to purchase computer parts and computer accessories. They were doing quite well and had expanded to 12 different locations. In 2003 the SARS outbreak hit, and they were forced to downsize their public staff. Richard Liu and his advisers decided that they should attempt to focus on online sales. This would be a turning point for the company.


In 2004 JD.com started offering products to customers through their online retail store. Again, the store was offering computer-based products. Liu Quiangdong wanted to expand into other markets and slowly began to incorporate new items. Eventually, the company began a trend of steady growth. After six years, the company had incorporated products from almost every market. This increase in loyal customers was because JD.com offered them a guarantee with their products. Many of the items that were featured on JD.com were only of the best quality with their own guarantees. Many of the Chinese online stores at that time were offering counterfeit items and low-quality material. JD.com saw a lot of growth over these years. Currently, they are worth almost $60 billion.


Richard Liu Quiangdong has been able to grow JD.com because he did not always succeed in the past. His foray into the restaurant business fell flat while he was still in his college program. He explains to his interviewer that the restaurant’s failure was because he was not able to devote the necessary time to that business. There needs to be a healthy balance between your commitments and the dedication that you have to your business. Richard Liu believes that he has found that balance with JD.com. Quiangdong will continue to expand the business and hopes to reach into the global market soon. While his biggest competitor is Amazon.com, he believes that it will not be difficult for JD.com to surpass the retail giant in the future. Read This Article for more information.


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Professor Anthony Constantinou Shows The Real Life Applications Of His Research


Anthony C. Constantinou is a prestigious figure in the University of London, where works as the Lecturer Assistant Professor of the University and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence research lab at Queen Mary’s.

Anthony is an integral part of the community of the University of London and is a beloved professor by the students. At the research lab, Anthony has conducted a number of researches and improved on lectures and theories for the University.

Anthony continuously collaborates with other institutions in the UK and have lectured in many organizations. At the Queen Mary University of London, he also graduated and received his academic formation.

Anthony Constantinou, different from most scientists and researchers, apply his findings and experiences to real-life applications. He is continually teaching about data-mining in businesses, the applications of artificial intelligence and its future, as well as using mathematics, probabilities, and analytics to talk about sports, finances, investments, business administration, medicine, and even gaming. Get Additional Information Here.

Anthony Constantinou became the Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence of the University after becoming an Assistant Professor of Machine Learning and Data Mining. Beyond that, he is also the Principal Investigator on EPSRC “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty.”

Apart from his job as a University teacher, Anthony is a big enthusiast of the sports industry. He has collaborated with many companies and firms as a consultant in the rating systems, helping analyze risks and the betting industry surrounding the sports scene. In this role, he has partnered with Agenda Ltd, the JFE Steel Corporation in Japan and the Venture Sports and Events from Thailand.

Last but not least, Anthony Constantinou also utilizes his experience with the financial administration in his day-to-day life, as he is a property investor and landlord as well.

Visiting http://www.constantinou.info/, where the Professor is continually sharing news and updates to his research, you can already identify that Anthony is an experienced research in the fields of mathematics and machine learning.


InnovaCare Health: Rick Shintos Answer to Puerto Ricos Health Concerns

Rick Shinto is an entrepreneur who envisioned becoming one of the most successful individuals in the field of business. He is the founder of InnovaCare Health, a medical company built in Puerto Rico that provides health care services to the locals. It has been his dream to see his company reaching the top, and becoming the number one firm all over the United States. Through his hard work and determination, InnovaCare Health experienced tremendous growth, and it became one of the most successful healthcare providers on the island. Rick Shinto currently serves as the company’s president and chief executive officer, and his daily mantra of providing exemplary services to the public have earned him a positive reputation among the Puerto Ricans.


The InnovaCare Health has been hiring professionals who are adept in the field of providing healthcare-related services. For Rick Shinto, it is important for the company’s growth to hire only those who can contribute largely to the company. Through the years, the company made contracts with two partner firms in Puerto Rico, and eventually, they were able to process health insurance claims for people who have Medicare and Medicaid. It provided the people of Puerto Rico with accessible health care services, and it also elevated the quality of life on the island. As a result of client-friendly atmosphere imposed within the company premises, more people started bringing their friends and family members, encouraging them to get health insurance policies from the company. To see more visit crunchbase.com


The effective word of mouth marketing fueled the growth of InnovaCare Health. As of the present, it is estimated that there are more than 200,000 people who are relying upon the company’s services. InnovaCare Health welcomes all of their clients, attending everyone who has special needs. The company is known for their world-class services, and they gain praises from their clients because of their willingness to abide by their company values that have shaped the business into an unbeatable leader in the industry. Hundreds of patients are visiting the facility established by Rick Shinto to get the medical services that they deserved. Most of the time, patients who have visited the facility are giving away a satisfactory rating for the company, stating that they did an excellent job of keeping the people healthy.



Rick Shinto thanked the people of Puerto Rico for their continued support to his company, and he promised that there would be more changes within the company that would enable their services to become more reliable and affordable, like the hiring of new company executives including Penelope Kokkinides. For more details you can checkout laraza.com



Visit: https://www.openminds.com/market-intelligence/bulletins/innovacare-health-announces-three-additions-leadership-team/


Miami-Based Attorney Bruce Katzen Is Recognized As One Of America’s Best Lawyers

Bruce Katzen is a distinguished attorney who lives and works in Miami, Florida, although his work takes him to courtrooms across the United States. He is a founding partner at the law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., and is the chairman of its Trust & Estates Litigation Practice Group. He began his professional career as a certified public accountant, a role in which he developed a lot of interest in probate cases and financial fraud. He decided to become an attorney and so attended The University of Miami School of Law He began his career as an attorney in 1984.

Many of Bruce Katzen‘s cases involve personal matters such as guardianship, trust, and probate disputes. He also handles cases involving corporate litigation as well as FiNRA arbitrations, stockbroker liability, accountant liability, and those involving securities. The areas of the law that Bruce Katzen is especially known for are company purchase and sales disputes, financial fraud, life insurance coverage disputes, and trust, guardianship, and probate disputes.

In Best Lawyer of America’s 2019 recognition list, nine lawyers from his law firm were named as well as Bruce Katzen himself. He was named for his legal expertise when it comes to commercial litigation and securities/capital markets law. Another founding member of this law firm stated that he was very happy that all of these attorneys made the list and showed how dedicated to the legal profession Bruce Katzen and his cohorts are.

Bruce Katzen has joined numerous professional organizations including The Florida Bar, the Dade County Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. He is also generous when giving to charity and has been a longtime supporter of nonprofits including the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, the United Way, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation Young Presidents.

Fortress Principal and Brightline Rail System Owner, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an established business entrepreneur with interests in private equity investments. He is also an avid supporter of basketball and football sports. He undertook his bachelor’s degree in Finance at the Oregon State University.

He completed his undergraduate studies in the year 1984 and secured a job at Lehman Brothers as a partner. He later joined BlackRock where he served as the managing director and a partner.

He partnered with Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman, and Michael Edward to launch Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998. They raised $400 million in capital to set up the private alternative asset management firm.

He was appointed the chairman of the board of directors in the year 2009. His appointment to the position was fostered by his remarkable leadership and managerial skills he had acquired at his previous companies. He was later elected the chief executive officer of Fortress’ private equity business. Under his management, the company acquired Springleaf Financial Services.

In partnership with Peter Briger, Wes Edens led the company through several profit-making ventures. The company controls more than $75 billion in property, private equity, and real estate investments.

However, in January 2018, Wes Edens announced that SoftBank Corporation would acquire fortress from Japan. It was agreed that the Group would release $3.3 billion in cash to purchase Fortress. Nevertheless, he would retain his managerial role at the company together with Randal Nardone in a five-year deal.

Wes Edens recently launched his Brightline modern train system. The rail that operates in South Florida allows trains to travel at a high speed of 135 mph. He pointed out that the system would significantly improve the business operations in the area. He further added that plans were in place to extend Brightline to Miami.

Wes Edens entered into a partnership with billionaire Sawiris to acquire a 55% stake of the Astonvilla Football Club. The England based club currently plays in the Championship level of the English competition. During the acquisition, he insisted that they would focus on buying new players to improve the team’s performance.

The purchase made the duo the highest stakeholders of the English club.