Madison Street Capital Selected as the Exclusive Financial Advisor to Napoleon Machine

Napoleon Machine appointed Madison Street Capital as its exclusive financial advisor after going through several investment companies who were not fitting with their nature and culture as a company. Madison Street Capital become an exclusive partner because the investment firm has a culture of understanding its clients both internally and from an external point of view.


Napoleon Machine was looking to add to its assets, a credit facility, and Sterling Commercial was providing just what they needed. To arrange for Napoleon to get the credit facility, a trustworthy and experienced investment firm was required, and that is where Madison Street Capital played its part.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway announced about the transaction. Peterson, the Senior Managing Director, talked about how the credit facility will allow Napoleon Machine to access operating capital in order to grow its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demands of its customer base. The management of Madison Street Capital was happy to be part of the growth trajectory of Napoleon Machine for the future.


The President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey was happy with the way Madison Street Capital was helping them. Mr. Febrey was keen to point out that Madison Street Capital took the time to understand the company and effectively understand how the current opportunity was going to benefit the company in the long run. This was an essential aspect of selecting Madison Street Capital as the financial partner of choice.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm specialized in offering finance, merger and acquisition, private placement memorandums, financial advisory services and valuation services for businesses in the public and private sector.


Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, and it specializes in financial restructuring, financial advisory (M&A), and Mezzanine capital raise. The financial services they offer helps businesses to raise their finances and capital so that your business succeeds and grows.


Napoleon Machine



Napoleon Machne is a company that was founded in February 2010 by Paul Schlatter. Kevin February serves as the president of the company overseeing the daily operations of the company. Napoleon specializes in welding, assembly, painting and machining. The company manufactures different kinds of components, starting from 200 pounds to 30,000 pounds.



Kevin Febrey who co-owns the company with Paul Schlatter has extensive experience in manufacturing and started growing his interest in machines at the age of 16 years. Paul also has a background in the metal industry, and he has managed companies in the machine industry for years. Thanks to the duo’s extensive experience in the industry, they have built a multi-million dollar business.


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