Novel Summary Of Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

Actor Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Just Do Stuff is a page turning novel that exposes so much of the world’s society through the lens of protagonist Bob Honey. To Vogue, the author explained how he likes this new medium of writing a novel. The diction of the novel is rich, deep with detail and may call for a dictionary for a word or two’s meaning. Prose and emotion are important in this book. Careful reading is must to not miss out on any of the subliminal hints in the text. Both anger and passion can be fully felt from the words on the page. Reading the book part by part may help, since the structure of the book is written with sections of merely text, rantings, short stories and poetry. Overall, the satirical novel broadens the readers perspective on the truthful issues evolving in today’s changing world.

The setting of the novel is a fictional dystopian world. The novel’s main character, Bob Honey, is a divorced man working for the government. His line of work includes murdering people. Sean Penn uses his work of art to make many references to politics. The author’s started to feel differently about politics during the 2016 presidential election. This novel has been his outlet to express his viewpoint. The novel also has a mention of a character similar to El Chapo, a bigtime drug lord the author met and spoke with once before.

The author brings up a variety of issues in the novel. He speaks on mass shootings by making a reference to the Las Vegas, Nevada mass shooting. The Russian hacking appears in his novel. The conflict occurring in Yemen is wrote into the text of the novel. He mentions scientology, reasoning that people flock to the religion as a way out from the harsh realties occurring throughout the world. But he does blame it for playing a role in society’s downfall. But scientology does not tote the blame completely on its one. The author also mentions that the media plays a role in the issues occurring in the world.