Jeff Herman-Protecting Children from Harm

Corey Feldman was a famous childhood actor appearing in box offices hits such as “Gremlins,” “Stand By Me,” and “The Goonies.” Feldman is now a strong advocate for children urging the passing of the Child Victims Act in New York to prevent exploitation of children. The Bill would eliminate statutes of limitations for both criminal and civil cases and increase opportunity for civil action lawsuits to be heard. Voices for victims of sexual abuse are also being heard in South Florida. Jeff Herman, a prominent trial lawyer in Boca Raton, FL, is passionate about protecting our nation’s children from sexual predators.

Herman has represented thousands of victims of sexual abuse over more than a twenty-year career. Jeff is dedicated to helping victims overcome longstanding effects from years of abuse that are often kept secret. At Herman Law Firm, Jeff and his team are solely focused on representing victims of sexual abuse. This ensures each case is given the care and consideration it desperately needs to get ruling in favor of the victim.

Jeff’s dedication as a leader is sexual abuse representation has garnered national attention. He is credited for success in high profile cases against the Archdiocese of Miami and against famous Sesame Street puppeteer, Kevin Clash. Herman and his team are highly skilled at breaking complex cases into manageable pieces. Jeff and Herman law are extremely thorough at mapping all details of cases to dissect facts from fiction. Jeff prefers a whiteboard to have visuals and devotes all of his energy on every case.

Jeff Herman and his team at Herman Law understand the emotional scarring that results from sexual abuse. Jeff’s goal is to provide healing and empowerment to those that he serves. Jeff Herman Law will continue to be a voice for those that are not heard for many years to come.