Shine in Entrepreneurship with Jose Hawilla

There is nothing that feels good than seeing your business flourish. The entrepreneur journey is tough, and this is why we are constantly reading and praising those who make it through. Once someone becomes an icon in the business world, people will call them for interviews wanting to know how they made it. The best thing is there is nothing those successful people have that you don’t have. They are not different from you; it’s about their mechanisms on how to become a successful investor;


Start small and be Patient


The mistake that many people do is the greed to become wealthy overnight. There is no such thing as shortcuts and fast riches in entrepreneurship. You got to plan and be patient to see the business grow. Jose Hawilla, the owner of Traffic Sports in Brazil, began his business by advertising his company in bus stops. Today, the firm is the best in sports marketing.


Be Passionate


It is important that you are passionate about the field you are investing in, in the market. Things get tough, and the only thing that keeps you from giving up and tiring from doing the business is passion.


When Jose Hawilla was beginning his business, many people said that no one would make money in sports. By sticking to his passion and putting in the effort even in times when things seemed impossible has paid off in the long run. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Be Persistence and Consistency


Many investors start their ventures with a lot of enthusiasm. However, with time, this fades away, and they become lazy and lose focus.


If you really want success, you must keep putting in the initial effort that you began with to propel your business.


You also need to be persistent to get great results. Success is not for people who give up.


Seek Motivation


The beauty of investment is that there is always someone who has done what you are about to do before you. A good example of an investor you can learn business mechanism from is Hawilla. Study how other people run their business. This motivates you when you are facing hardships and enlightens you on better ways of achieving success.



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