End Citizens United Endorses Gary Trauner

End Citizens United was stated on March 1, 2015 and is funded by grassroots donors. They are a political action group committed to counter the effects of a group known as Citizens United as well as pushing “Big Money” from politics. The also hope to broadly reform the financial system associated with campaigning.

End Citizens United plans to accomplish these goals by working to get pro-reform candidates elected; pass pro-reform financial laws in individual states; push the issue of money in politics to the national stage and utilize their grassroots membership to display the political power and issues on money in politics.

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End Citizens United is headed by Tiffany Muller who serves as the President and Executive Director. Prior to joining End Citizens United, Tiffany served as Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Additionally she served as the chief of staff for two Members of Congress. The group plans to raise and spend $35 million in 2018, which is $10 million more than was spent in 2016. Additionally, the group recently unveiled “The Big Money 20” which is a group of Republican senators who are considered to be the worst offenders by End Citizens United. The group stated that these Republicans are known for opposing campaign finance reform, and backing legislation that favors their donors.

The group recently endorsed Gary Trauner for The United States Senate in Wyoming. Trauner is rejected all PAC funding while running for senate. This is part of a growing trend, many candidates are foregoing all corporate PAC money than ever before. By endorsing Gary Trauner, End Citizens United will be able to connect him with 4,600 grassroots members in Wyoming, and the group’s national network of 400,000 small donors. End Citizens United’s website provides a complete list of their endorsed candidates for all states and governing bodies.