Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The Well Reputed President Takes On The Position Of Chairman At Bradesco

During the past few months, Bradesco has had a few of their more prominent positions vacated and filled out by people from within their ranks. The string of constant managerial changes commenced when the previous chairman of the company, Brando de Mello announced that he would be retiring from the position that he had been holding for the past three decades. This caused a lot of reports to emerge about who would be the next person to take up this important position within the company. There were multiple rumors about potential candidates for the position of chairman, but the board of directors saw Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the best fit for the post.

Trabuco had been working as the President of the company until them. He had significantly improved the services that Bradesco provided and also enhanced the inner workings of the company as a whole. Overall, he had an incredibly positive contribution to the company, and much of the developments that were seen in the past four years have been because of the efforts put in by Trabuco.

Bradesco is the only company that Trabuco has ever worked with. It was the place that he started out his professional life as bank clerk and is the place where he has spent most of his career. Much of the personal and professional growth that Trabuco has seen through the years is because of the experiences that he had at Bradesco and the opportunities that he was given during his time here at the company.

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Trabuco first took over the position of President of Bradesco four years ago. This was a trying time for the company as they had just dropped to being the second most sought-after private bank in Brazil. The need to once again rise to the number one spot in the industry was imminent, but Trabuco had other plans. Instead of focusing on their rise to the top, Trabuco decided that he would focus all of Bradesco’s resources towards the people availing of the services they provide.

With the new developments that Trabuco brought along to the company, more and more people were choosing to opt for the services that Bradesco provided over other private banking options in the country, which is what helped Bradesco once again regain it’s number one position according to

About Bradesco

Bradesco Bank is known to be one of the top-rated private banks in Brazil and offers a wide range of services to customers all over the country. Through the numerous programs and services that they provide, the company has grown tremendously, gaining the trust of the Brazilian population. The company is known for being one of the tops in its field and continues to implement new services that they can offer their customers.

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