Can AvaTrade Help Investors Trade Financial Instruments?

AvaTrade is a Forex and Contract for difference (CFD) broker who helps their client’s make financial transactions on their trading platforms. They are based in Dublin, Ireland but have offices in cities around the world including New York, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Sydney, and Mongolia. On their trading platforms investors can trade many financial assets such as stocks, currencies, bonds, and commodities. They also have a platform for trading Bitcoin, the main digital currency. In all clients of AvaTrade can participate in the trading of more than 250 different financial instruments.

AvaTrade is under the regulation of several different government entities. This includes the MiFID in the European Union as well as the Central Bank of Ireland. In Australia they are governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission while in Japan it is the Financial Services Commission which regulates them. Additionally, in the British Virgin Islands they are regulated by the B.V.I. Financial Services Commission.

There are two main trading platforms that AvaTrade provides. The first is named after the company as it is called AvaTrader. This professional level platform allows people of all experience level the ability to follow the markets and make Forex and CFD trades. The software is compatible with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. The software has tools that enable the user to engage in complex research and analysis in order to make informed trading decisions.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006. In the past nine years it has become one of the world’s top Forex brokers. The company was built in a partnership between financial professionals and people with deep experience in web-commerce. The company’s vision is to give people the power to invest and trade with confidence. They are also committed to providing the highest-quality personal services to their clients.

There are four account types at AvaTrade, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Ava Select. Each level requires a different minimum deposit, ranging from $100 for the Silver plan to $100,000 for Ava Select. The best plan is Ava Select which offers clients the entire range of financial tools that AvaTrade offers.

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