Michael Nierenberg: Excellence In Investment Management

Michael Nierenberg is one of the most established and most well known individuals in the investment management industry. Michael Nierenberg is currently the appointed Chief Executive Officer of The New Residential Investment Corporation, but before his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the New Residential Investment Corp., he had already gained extensive experience and knowledge in his different positions that were related in investment management, sales and trading. Nierenberg had experience in his service at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch where in he serves as the Managing Director and Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products. Nierenberg also served in JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Fortress. I all the companies that he has worked with, he has produced excellent results which is why he was frequently appointed in a high ranking position, like being a director or the head of a division. Michael Nierenberg also is that chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation ever since 1996. Michael Nierenberg is known for his effective managements, his outstanding rapport with peers and team members, his genius investment strategies and his analysis and predictions on the behavior of the market. These qualities make Michael Nierenberg as an excellent individual and a staple superpower in the investment management industry

The New Residential Investment Corp. is a company that is focused on the business of trading real estate investment trusts that operate in the public domain. The New Residential Investment Corp. invests in and manages the investments that are in the industry of residential real estate. The New Residential Investment Corp. has proven its excellency as an investment manager when it was able to survive and excel even in the financial breakdown and the volatility of the United States market. The financial crises that the U.S. market underwent badly hurt the market of residential areas and the housing market. But the New Residential Investment Corp. was able to turn the season of travesty into an opportunity to make smart investments in the residential market. The New Residential Investment Corp. is currently valuated at about 13 million dollars and holds about 900,000 equities.

Michael Nierenberg’s social Media: twitter.com/newresidential

Agera Energy

Agera Energy wants everyone to make good an educated decisions when it comes to their energy usage. Instead of worrying about strictly bills and getting money, Agera Energy wants their customers to have an understanding of how to safe energy.

They want their customers to use energy in the right way. Agera Energy knows how much of an expense energy is to families. This is why they want their customers to get the most out of what they use. Agera Energy wants to go above and beyond to provide more for their customers than their competitors do. Agera Energy is leading the way for energy providers.

“Marc Beer – article recap “

Renovia Inc. is a Boston based pharmaceutical industry founded by Marc Beer; he is the CEO of the firm and has contributed to its development. Marc Beer has established several other health care firms. All these firms are successful and provide a lot to society. He founded ViaCell in 2000, a firm that deal collects, preserves and studies the umbilical cord blood cells. Since the opening of ViaCell, Marc Beer has put in extra effort in ensuring that the firm grows and gains profit. He has made ViaCell a commercial organization. The company has expanded creating employment opportunities for many individuals. It is also currently under different management and was publicized n 2005. ViaCell has tremendously grown and is providing health services to many.


While serving at ViaCell, Marc Beer was also among the board of directors of other medical firms. His intellect and great leadership qualities have achieved him several executive positions. He helps the board to decide the essential matter and also in coming up with growth strategies. He worked with Genzyme and is currently working with Global Marketing as the Vice President. His principal role is to announce the release of new drugs that would be used to treat rare diseases. He has worked at marketing and sales positions. He created suitable for medical firms and helps them to sell their products. Marc Beer has served several health care committees; these committees discuss on how to improve health operations.


Renovia Inc. is coming together with other therapeutic firms in a series B financing to come up with a treatment method for pelvic floor disorder. Marc Beer has invested a lot in the project given coming up with a cure. Renovia is trying to create technological equipment and invent new diagnosis for the treatment of the disorder. Renovia has released their first product, Leva that is supposed to treat the disease. The drug got approval in April by the FDA. According to medical experts, pelvic floor disorder affects over 250 million women worldwide.


The Longwood Fund is investing in Renovia to help contribute firms that would be used in research. The Longwood Fund is an investment firm that deals explicitly with medical organizations. Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and the New York-based Perceptive Advisors are supposed to lead the series B financing group. Marc Beer is delighted to be getting support from other medical firms. He is also thankful that the firms share in their vision of treating women with pelvic floor disorder and developing effective treatment methods. Marc believes that through combining ideas and technological equipment chances of getting a diagnosis will have increased. Marc is creating a platform that will enable consumers to gain a better understanding of pelvic floor disorder. He is establishing affordable prices for all. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Dick and Betsy DeVos Continue to Transform Institutions

Mr. and Mrs. DeVos and the Windquest Group

In response to a proposal to construct a convention center and multi-purpose sport arena, Dick DeVos established the Windquest Group. This is a group of individuals who were key players in the development of the Grand Rapid’s skyline. The Windquest Group is responsible for buildings that include the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Andel Arena, and the medical school at Michigan State University.


Mr. DeVos was concerned that if the building was constructed outside of the central business district, the city could face the same fate as Detroit. The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome were constructed outside of Detroit, and the city suffered when the Pistons and Lions moved to other cities.


The Couple Continues to Revolutionize Institutes and Policies

Dick and Betsy DeVos are mega-donors who come from affluent families. The couple advocates for charter schools and made the leading contribution to the construction of the children’s hospital at the Spectrum Health System. The children’s hospital was named after Dick DeVos’ mother, Ms. Helen DeVos, who is the spouse of one of the founder’s of Amway, Richard DeVos. Since the addition of the children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, children and their families can seek treatment without having to go to Chicago, Ann Arbor, or the Mayo Clinic.


One of the couple’s primary focuses is education reform. The couple believes in freedom of school choice. One of their goals is to allow all children in the United States to have the equal educational opportunities. They want to break the stigma that children should attend a specific school solely based on their address. Mrs. DeVos’ notable work has caught the attention of many, and she was appointed to US Education Sectary by President Trump.


Dick DeVos and the Grands Rapids Airport

Mr. DeVos helped to expand airline service in Grand Rapids. He reached out to the AirTran Airways CEO to lobby for the expansion of airline services, which resulted in nonstop flights being offered at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. After AirTran Airways was acquired by Southwest, Mr. DeVos lobbied for the airport to continue to offer nonstop services by Southwest, and he was successful. Southwest started offering direct flights to Orlando, Baltimore, and St. Louis in the summer of 2013. The airport has flourished, and there were 45 million in upgrades on the airport was completed in 2018.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy

In 2010, Mr. DeVos was inspired by his wife to start a charter high school that helped students prepare for careers in the aviation industry. The West Michigan Aviation Academy started with 80 students and has grown to have more than 600 students.


The Great Lakes Education Project

Dick and Betsy DeVos started the Great Lakes Education Project. This is an organization that focuses on school-choice advocacy and has a political action committee. This organization was successful in blocking a proposal that would give a commission to make decisions regarding the opening of new schools in Michigan.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Doe Deere Proves An American Dream Following Her Difficult Teenage Years

The teenage years of any person are supposed to be difficult for many different reasons, including changes to the human body and the passage to adulthood. For the LimeCrime cosmetics founder, Doe Deere an immigration story from Russia to New York could have spelled disaster before she achieved her own version of the “American Dream.” The philanthropic nature of U.S. citizens can be seen as the inspiring starting point for a change in circumstances for Doe and her family as they overcame poverty and homelessness to achieve success.

Doe Deere arrived in New York City in 1998 as a 17-year-old believing the 24/7 nature of the city would allow herself and her family to achieve their version of the “American Dream.” Now the head of a successful Los Angeles-based cosmetics manufacturing and online retail group, the LimeCrime, and Poppy Angeloff founder found herself like a fish out of water when she first arrived in New York City. Before adopting the Americanized Doe Deere monicker, the cosmetics mogul was known as Xenia Vorotova who had arrived in New York with her accountant mother and younger sister.

A delay in the transfer of Doe’s mother’s educational records barred her from working as an accountant and seemed to have spelled disaster for their dream of making a new life in the U.S. Doe Deere is quick to praise the philanthropic spirit of many Americans, including attorney Dorchen Leidholdt who assisted in bringing the family out of a Lexington Avenue homeless shelter and back into the bosom of society. Deere admits it is the arrival of Leidholdt in her life which inspired her to apply for entry to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and start the career she now loves.

The ability to contribute to society in the way she does now as the CEO of her own company still amazes Doe Deere. She believes America is one of the only countries in the world where a family who was once homeless could find the assistance and support of qualified professionals to improve their lives and return to traditional society.


Ashley Brasier among the Value Lightspeed Ventures Partners Executive Additions

Ashley Lightspeed Ventures Partners was founded in 2000, and just like any other growing company, administrative and managerial shifts are bound to cope up with the change. It is always thoughtful to hire qualified and people of worth who will propel and share into the vision of the company. Ashley Lightspeed Ventures Partner has just announced the new appointees to join their team of professionals. The list comprises of five new partners including Ashley Brasier among other seasoned business leaders.

This company since its enactment has only had two partners and a few feminine leaders. The addition balances out the gender disparity. Ashley Lightspeed will be in charge of women in tech and in helping global business development. She will also be tasked with the responsibility of managing consumer investing practice just in a bid to help people make of the opportunities there is in the market and how to seize them. She was previously working at Thumbtack as a manager of the on-demand services. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at lsvp.com

About Ashley Brasier

Ashley Brasier is a business management expert although she grew up with a desire to become an architect. However, her dream changed after she realized she enjoyed operational business works in analytic, management and administration. She did her first degree at the Duke University then proceeded to Stanford Graduate School of Business for her MBA. Brasier with interest at the Silicon Valley joined Thumbtack as the Category Manager. She managed the customer growth and experience; gathering on innovative ideas to help in improvement. Prototyping is her working guide which she firmly believes every entrepreneur have to thrive.

Herein, Braiser got to learn more about venture capital from the fundraising pitch desk. This was an exciting world for her as got to identify and work on emerging trends. It helped her grasp some opportunities she too could use to bring about financial inflow. Also, it birthed her consulting projects that quite a fortune was made from the same.

Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleybrasier/


Igor Cornelsen Inspires and Aspires Many Financial Investors

Igor Cornelsen joined the Federal University as an engineering student. As a sophomore, he realized engineering was not his passion and quit attending engineering class. Igor enrolled as an economic student within the university. He later emerged on the top of the class for his outstanding skills in the calculation. He landed his first job in an investment bank in 1970 upon graduating. Having vast knowledge and skills in the calculation of the rates, he was appointed as the board of directors.


The company benefited greatly from his knowledge and talent and promoted him as the chief executive officer in 1976. Banks of America later acquired the bank after serving as CEO for two years. Unibanco hired him and worked for the firm for seven years.

Igor later landed a position at London Merchant Investment Bank called Libra Bank. It was his first time to receive a salary paid in dollars. His indisputable expertise in the investment sector led to his appointment as the representative and the board of director of Standard Chartered in his country.

Tips to Invest

In 1995, he founded his investment firm offering similar services to his previous employer. He notes that to be successful one needs to be determined, self-motivated, confident, ready to take the risk, and knowledgeable as well. He has over four-decade experience in investment. Igor assists individuals and the public on passive investment. He stated that it is possible to work less and earn more. He asserts that real estate investment, stock exchange market investment, and bond investment is a good investment.

Igor Cornelsen advises aspiring financial market investors to invest when the market is underperforming since it provides a room for acquiring more money when the price of shares rises. An investor needs to thorough conduct analytical research of the financial trend before investing. Furthermore, investors need to stick to the rules to evade unnecessary penalties and understand the currency rate of exchange.

Edwin Miranda: The Transfers and the Hustles in sports

Edwin Miranda grew up in Los Angeles where he played, for four years, college soccer and was named the Big West Conference defender of the year, twice. He played college soccer for the Cal-State Northridge. This was the foundation that the soccer player based his career on. He began his professional career during the 2004 MLS SuperDraft, when he was drafted by Dallas Burn, in the sixth round, 54th overall. From there, Edwin Miranda transferred to a number of clubs through hard work and resilience. He worked his way through the Dallas Burn to the first team squad, after which he transferred, for the 2004 season, to Portland Timbers of the USL first division.

The Paddles and Hustles of Sports.

After playing with the Portland Timbers for two seasons, Edwin Miranda transferred to Puerto Rico’s Islanders. After playing with his new team for a while, Edwin Miranda and the Islanders decided to mutually part ways in 2009 due to issues with the players’ fee. The team and the player could not come to a decision about the salary that the Miranda could get. After the mutual ending of the Puerto Rico’s contract, Mr. Miranda signed a knee year contract with Miami FC in 12th April, the same year. With the new USL First Division contract, Miranda played 25 games and was released from it at the end of the season. He later joined the Hollywood United Hitmen in 2010 and played 16 games with them before going back to Islanders for the Tropa Naranja, where the team won the championship for the USSF D-2 pro league.

Edwin Miranda joined the Los Angeles Blues in 2011 where he scored one goal for the teams in 18 games. After the USL pro season was over, the Los Angeles Blues released him. In the 2012 USL premier development league, Edwin Miranda played with the Los Angeles misioneros where he made his debut for the team.

Victoria Doramus, Author, Marketer, Planner and Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is arguably the most diverse marketer and planner of this generation. And this is simply because she has that rare ability to mix all the aspects of her learning with both her experience and the latest trends before giving her esteemed clients marketing strategies that actually work.

Her Work Experience

Her raw talent and superb work ethic aside, the other reason why Victoria Doramus has managed to thrive in the market is that of her rather long work experience. As soon as she graduated from the University of Colorado back in 2006, Victoria Doramus has had the pleasure of working with quite a number of people as well as organizations.

She has been linked to celebrated film director Peter Berg where she worked as his bona fide assistant and planner between 2014 and 2016. Victoria Doramus has also written for information sites such as The Huffington Post, USA Today and The Cassandra Report among others.

The Charities Victoria Doramus Is Involved With

When Victoria Doramus isn’t drafting a clever marketing strategy for her esteemed clients or writing a piece for an authoritative online magazine such as The Huffington Post, she always loves spending time giving back. One way that she does this is by getting involved with a few charities. One such charity is none other than The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is a platform used to guide young women who are affected by drug addiction, whether directly or indirectly. Victoria Doramus is also involved with a number of charities that are associated with animals. This is simply because she’s always had a soft spot for animals ever since she was a little girl. Victoria Doramus is also involved with the ‘Room to Read’ charity foundation.

The room to read charity foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating as many children as possible. Today, the organization has affected well over 12 million kids since its inception in the year Y2K. Victoria Doramus is also involved with the Best Friends Animal Society. Founded back in 1984, the organization is involved with urging the public to adopt vulnerable animals.

Investor Paul Mampilly : The future is AI

You might have heard of Paul Mampilly and the fortune he has accumulated in the stock market, however, many are unaware about his highly sought after newsletter that to this day has accumulated over 60,000 subscribers. The Profits Unlimited research service provided by Paul Mampilly has recently been noticed by many in the market as Paul continuously states that the rise of AI or artificial intelligence technology and the effects it may have on the working class is something to watch in the future. This newsletter has just been reported to be the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry, so naturally, this is the place you need to be if you’re an investor.

Paul Mampilly understands that many in and out of the industry have this secret fear of AI technology, essentially due in part to its ability to remember everything you’ve seen, clicked on much more, however, Paul says that there is nothing to be scared about. Companies use this to have an understanding of real-world numbers which in turn allow companies to spend their marketing budgets wisely. This AI technology that is looked over so many times will rocket higher in the next few years says Paul Mampilly. In a video posted to his newsletter, Paul for free posted about three stocks that he said would rise, contrary to popular investment practice many where skeptical, but in following months the stock did indeed climb substantially to record highs. Paul’s newsletters are designed with an incredible plethora of research work and viable recommendations for this subscribers. Although if you’re not a subscriber Paul often appears on television channels such as Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News where he is given a platform to express his opinions about future stocks and where he believes the market is heading. There is no doubt Paul Mampilly is making a name for himself in the investment industry and my guess is that we should keep an open mind whenever he shares his thoughts with the world.