Gregory Aziz and Why His Time-Tested Leadership Is Worth Emulating By Rookie Entrepreneurs

We could say with utmost authority, as vouched by finance experts and trade writers, that most of what happens in global business is rooted in luck. However, there are ways we can prevent ourselves from getting harmed and increasing our risks of ruin. There are ways that companies can make sure that the decisions they make will be profitable, sustainable and will bury the risks hidden in the system.



The investment strategies that one can make for the company should also be considered well and analyzed in the most rigorous manner. Otherwise, one is risking the shortening of length of the company’s longevity. Doing so can make it hard to succeed in ways that could even ruin the chances of business of surviving. Fortunately, we have people these days whose business leadership proves to be compelling and infused with all the prudent qualities that make their decisions help companies survive. One of these business leaders is Gregory James Aziz.


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The Government Adherence


One of the many decisions that Gregory J Aziz is trying to always focus his energy on is on how to make his business safer and more attractive to clients. He sees one way in doing this: abide by the regulations from the government. If he faces consequences, decisions, and auditing from the government, he can very well vouch for his competence by telling the government the ways that he was able to leverage his company to improve the industry he’s in. Since 2015, the government in North America wants the railroad industry to be at its safest. It wants to make sure that no business can make the industry collapse or blow up because of hidden risks. The government has set so many regulations for this to happen, and Mr. Aziz is wise enough to acquiesce on these regulations. Visit This Page for more information.



As a result, National Steel Car right now is still the best in the industry of railroad freight car manufacturing even after a 100 year of operation. Nothing can seem to beat that record. It’s hard enough to start a business, let alone make it survive for a century! Given that his company is already making names and successes across the globe even makes Mr. James Aziz’s leadership in the company worth emulating. Leaders today should try to find the ways and methods that Mr. Aziz has been doing his business. If these other companies want to be as thriving and risk-averse as National Steel Car, Mr. Aziz’ ideas will be their guide.


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Shine in Entrepreneurship with Jose Hawilla

There is nothing that feels good than seeing your business flourish. The entrepreneur journey is tough, and this is why we are constantly reading and praising those who make it through. Once someone becomes an icon in the business world, people will call them for interviews wanting to know how they made it. The best thing is there is nothing those successful people have that you don’t have. They are not different from you; it’s about their mechanisms on how to become a successful investor;


Start small and be Patient


The mistake that many people do is the greed to become wealthy overnight. There is no such thing as shortcuts and fast riches in entrepreneurship. You got to plan and be patient to see the business grow. Jose Hawilla, the owner of Traffic Sports in Brazil, began his business by advertising his company in bus stops. Today, the firm is the best in sports marketing.


Be Passionate


It is important that you are passionate about the field you are investing in, in the market. Things get tough, and the only thing that keeps you from giving up and tiring from doing the business is passion.


When Jose Hawilla was beginning his business, many people said that no one would make money in sports. By sticking to his passion and putting in the effort even in times when things seemed impossible has paid off in the long run. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Be Persistence and Consistency


Many investors start their ventures with a lot of enthusiasm. However, with time, this fades away, and they become lazy and lose focus.


If you really want success, you must keep putting in the initial effort that you began with to propel your business.


You also need to be persistent to get great results. Success is not for people who give up.


Seek Motivation


The beauty of investment is that there is always someone who has done what you are about to do before you. A good example of an investor you can learn business mechanism from is Hawilla. Study how other people run their business. This motivates you when you are facing hardships and enlightens you on better ways of achieving success.



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End Citizens United Endorses Gary Trauner

End Citizens United was stated on March 1, 2015 and is funded by grassroots donors. They are a political action group committed to counter the effects of a group known as Citizens United as well as pushing “Big Money” from politics. The also hope to broadly reform the financial system associated with campaigning.

End Citizens United plans to accomplish these goals by working to get pro-reform candidates elected; pass pro-reform financial laws in individual states; push the issue of money in politics to the national stage and utilize their grassroots membership to display the political power and issues on money in politics.


End Citizens United is headed by Tiffany Muller who serves as the President and Executive Director. Prior to joining End Citizens United, Tiffany served as Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Additionally she served as the chief of staff for two Members of Congress. The group plans to raise and spend $35 million in 2018, which is $10 million more than was spent in 2016. Additionally, the group recently unveiled “The Big Money 20” which is a group of Republican senators who are considered to be the worst offenders by End Citizens United. The group stated that these Republicans are known for opposing campaign finance reform, and backing legislation that favors their donors.

The group recently endorsed Gary Trauner for The United States Senate in Wyoming. Trauner is rejected all PAC funding while running for senate. This is part of a growing trend, many candidates are foregoing all corporate PAC money than ever before. By endorsing Gary Trauner, End Citizens United will be able to connect him with 4,600 grassroots members in Wyoming, and the group’s national network of 400,000 small donors. End Citizens United’s website provides a complete list of their endorsed candidates for all states and governing bodies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The Well Reputed President Takes On The Position Of Chairman At Bradesco

During the past few months, Bradesco has had a few of their more prominent positions vacated and filled out by people from within their ranks. The string of constant managerial changes commenced when the previous chairman of the company, Brando de Mello announced that he would be retiring from the position that he had been holding for the past three decades. This caused a lot of reports to emerge about who would be the next person to take up this important position within the company. There were multiple rumors about potential candidates for the position of chairman, but the board of directors saw Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the best fit for the post.

Trabuco had been working as the President of the company until them. He had significantly improved the services that Bradesco provided and also enhanced the inner workings of the company as a whole. Overall, he had an incredibly positive contribution to the company, and much of the developments that were seen in the past four years have been because of the efforts put in by Trabuco.

Bradesco is the only company that Trabuco has ever worked with. It was the place that he started out his professional life as bank clerk and is the place where he has spent most of his career. Much of the personal and professional growth that Trabuco has seen through the years is because of the experiences that he had at Bradesco and the opportunities that he was given during his time here at the company.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Trabuco first took over the position of President of Bradesco four years ago. This was a trying time for the company as they had just dropped to being the second most sought-after private bank in Brazil. The need to once again rise to the number one spot in the industry was imminent, but Trabuco had other plans. Instead of focusing on their rise to the top, Trabuco decided that he would focus all of Bradesco’s resources towards the people availing of the services they provide.

With the new developments that Trabuco brought along to the company, more and more people were choosing to opt for the services that Bradesco provided over other private banking options in the country, which is what helped Bradesco once again regain it’s number one position according to

About Bradesco

Bradesco Bank is known to be one of the top-rated private banks in Brazil and offers a wide range of services to customers all over the country. Through the numerous programs and services that they provide, the company has grown tremendously, gaining the trust of the Brazilian population. The company is known for being one of the tops in its field and continues to implement new services that they can offer their customers.

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Robert Ivy: Architect of Innovation

     Robert Ivy is a highly respected and distinguished architect that has served in several different architectural organizations. Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. After completing high school, he received a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English from Sewanee University of the South in Tennessee and a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University located in Louisiana. In the years following the completion of his education, he worked in several editorial and architectural positions.

For fifteen years, from 1981 through 1996, Robert Ivy was a principal architect at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy Architectural firm (now called Dean and Dean). This firm is located in his home state of Mississippi. He also served as an editor for several architectural publications. These publications include Architectural Record, and McGraw-Hill Construction Media. In 2001 Ivy authored, “Fay Jones: Architect”,the definitive biography of Fay Jones who served as an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright.

Ivy is also a member of Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture fraternity. In 2010, Ivy was named a “Master Architect” by the fraternity and joined the likes of other “Master Architects” including Cass Gilbert, John Wellborn Root and Richard Buckminster Fuller. Robert Ivy currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Robert Ivy was appointed to the position at AIA in 2011. Since becoming the CEO, he has completely altered the manner in which architects are served and encouraged in their endeavors. Although the AIA has always had a rich legacy, Ivy has propelled the organization into one that is influential and responsive to the architecture industry. Some of his most important improvements to the organization has been to streamline governance and improve the technology infrastructure of the entire organization.

In the spring of 2017, Ivy elaborated on the obesity epidemic in America and the need for architects to design buildings that take human health into consideration. These health conscious designs include letting more sunlight into buildings and designs that encourage physical activity. To bring these designs to fruition, Ivy proposes that universities develop programs for architecture students that address design from a public health perspective.

Robert Ivy is dedicated to the advancement of architecture in the 21st century. He is committed to solving design deficits while also incorporating new technologies. Robert Ivy is committed to creating a future for architecture that incorporates innovative design and addresses the needs of a changing population.

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The Importance of Using Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution

Robert Thomas has a highly interesting story to tell. He works as a prison guard in his hometown. One of the main duties he has is to confiscate contraband items. This includes things like drugs and cell phones. Many people don’t understand how dangerous cell phones truly are when they fall into the wrong hands. They can be as dangerous, or possibly more dangerous than drugs. Robert Thomas is living proof of how dangerous cell phones can be when they fall into the hands of prison inmates.


Robert was simply doing his job when he confiscated the cell phone of a very violent inmate one day. The inmate then retaliated by taking the cell phone of another inmate. He used the cell phone to make a call to a known hit man. He then hired the hitman to kill Robert. Robert was in his home early one morning when the hitman broke into his home. He ran to the bathroom to keep the man from reaching Robert’s wife. The hitman then shot Robert six times and left him for dead. Robert was able to get to the emergency room in time to undergo surgery. He lived, but his story is proof of how dangerous cell phones can be when they fall into the hands of prison inmates.


It is for this reason that Securus Technologies is pioneering a revolutionary technology to be installed in prisons across the country. The technology is called the Wireless Containment Solution. Once it is installed, it successfully blocks all wireless communication. It also blocks cell phones from being able to connect to wireless networks. The technology is hugely successful and is being used by prisons across the United States.


Not only does the Wireless Containment Solution block all wireless communication, it also seeks out and pin point the exact location of any cell phones that have been successfully smuggled in. This is important because it helps prison security to not only block any cell phone communication, but to actually find who is utilizing or attempting to utilize a cell phone. This allows prison security guards to get a better idea of who is behind the ring of cell phones being smuggled in.


Thanks to Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution, prison security is much better equipped to combat the use of illegal cell phones. This is greatly increasing prison security throughout the United States. It is also greatly increasing security for those outside of prison walls that may have been threatened by inmates using contraband cell phones. Having this technology in place is essential to prison security and through the Wireless Containment Solution, people everywhere can rest much safer at night knowing that cell phones don’t fall into the hands of prisoners.

Obsidian Energy, Canadian Oil And Gas Producer Doing A Fine Job

Once in a while there is a company that rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and shines through brighter than ever. This is the case with a Canadian company called Obsidian Energy. As a Canadian oil and gas producer this company is a middle-sized company, there are bigger companies and smaller ones, but, Obsidian is certainly holding their own in this industry. Upon first glance it looks like the company changed their name, but, to be honest, they changed their whole company structure and learned from past experiences both their own and others in the industry. As a result, they emerged into a much better and safer company.

When the company remerged, it was like a new chapter was being created from what was left. The good ideas and foundations were kept and the old an outdated ideas and concepts were rebuilt from the ground up. As a company Obsidian emerged much stronger that before. They learned to measure growth and put their focus toward a brighter future. One thing they have done is to take steps to make sure that their drilling operations are much safer for everyone. This includes the company, the people who are running the rigs and drill sites and the people in the community where the site is located. For Obsidian Energy putting a safe drilling process together is just a great idea. The company wants to get oil and gas from the site, sure, but, they also want everyone safe. As a result, they fill in their sites and make sure that they are in great shape when they leave them. Going above and beyond what many others do industry wide is just a great example of how Obsidian Energy has become a much better company over all. See This Page for additional information.

Since the company’s restructure from the old Penn West Petroleum Ltd. They are doing well in the financial areas as well. The numbers released in the company’s reports speaks for themselves. All in all, it is safe to say that Obsidian Energy is more concerned about people first and oil and gas second. This is a great start for a company who is bound for a successful future.

The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).



The Most Important Aspect of Business and How Jose Hawilla Provides It

For people who are wondering how they can get all of the traffic needed to their business and make sales like the large corporations, the best place to go is marketing and advertising. This is often the step of business that is forgotten by the newer entrepreneurs. Fortunately, they can figure out the marketing if they know how to reach out to people. With all of the platforms that can be used for advertising like social media, it is easy to find some kind of advertising format that is going to work. The only thing is that it is important to figure out the right type of people to reach. Check out his page.

Jose Hawilla handles the most important aspect of business by taking on the most important aspect of marketing. Jose sells advertising spots for customers. He has served companies like Nike by selling publicity boards. He is also a holder of the trade rights of entities such as World Cup Qualifies. Therefore, he does a lot of big things for various industries. People who are looking for something that is going to bring their business to the spotlight can go to Jose Hawilla’s business called Traffic. This business sells the tools needed for businesses to advertise. You can follow their Twitter.

One of the biggest obstacles to advertising is that a lot of people don’t know where they can advertise. As a result, they often find that their business is failing before it even starts. The most important thing to realize about advertising is that a lot of research is needed in order to make sure that it is going to work for the individual. Jose Hawilla’s platform makes the process a lot quicker so that people do not have to go through all of the trouble in finding the right audience for their business. As a result, they experience some of the best success.

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The New Railroad Tycoons and Gregory J. Aziz

There are very few railroad tycoons out there anymore. Often, when you think of a railroad tycoon or master of business you probably think of someone that looks like the Monopoly Man. However, the railroad tycoons of today are nothing like that. They did not inherit their fortunes like the Rockefellers of the world but worked to get to where they are. One of these men is none other than the well-known businessman, investor, and business strategist Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J. Aziz became a tycoon when he pulled his company, National Steel Car, from out of the mud and back into prominence in the industry. Before James Aziz purchased the company in 1994, National Steel Car was in some dire straits. The previous owners had completely stripped the company of capital and had not made a major capital investment in decades. Once the trucking companies started to take over the logistics industry, the previous owners panicked. National Steel Car when through a series of acquisitions and disposals with each owner adding new strategies while taking out more capital. This just created a mess of a company with no clear direction to follow.

The first thing Greg Aziz did was give the management team a direction to follow. He knew that in its heyday, National Steel Car prided itself on its engineering capabilities. Aziz made this the focus on the new and improved company. He hired new engineers and designers to work tirelessly on designs that would create the highest quality cars on the rails, while also making sure not the break the bank of the customers who wanted to buy them. See This Page for additional information.

Next, Aziz put millions of dollars of his own money into the company to help hire additional laborers and increase the capacity of the plant. New machines were installed and equipment was upgraded to be top-of-the-line, helping the workers deliver the best cars out on the rails. In just a few short years, National Steel Car’s production capacity increased by over 300%, and an additional 2,000 workers had to be hired to keep up with production.


The last thing that Aziz did was expand the service area covered by NSC. He worked with some of his contacts in the industry, and he created new contacts all over North America. When it was all said and done, National Steel Car had transformed into a small, weak, and failing local manufacturer of rolling stock, to a large, international, and growing manufacturer of high-quality rail cars. All of this success is owed to the new and improved types of railroad tycoons like Gregory J. Aziz. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

How Hussain Sajwani Became A Multi-Billionaire

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates entrepreneur who has made a fortune in real estate development. He owns and operates DAMAC Properties which has property developments across the Middle East. His specialty lies in luxury residential homes that are supported by retail space he develops which are occupied by high-end brands like Versace and Bugatti. He is well-known for doing over the top marketing like giving away a Rolls Royce to those who buy his properties.

It was in 2002 that Hussain Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties. It was in that year that the government of the United Arab Emirates relaxed the rules regarding foreigners owning property in that country. He saw this as an opportunity to develop properties for wealthy foreigners in Europe, the United States, and countries in Asia. He had already been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years having launched his first business, an international catering firm, in 1983.

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani formed a partnership with Donald Trump. The deal stipulated that Donald Trump would manage the golf courses that were to be located in two huge developments DAMAC Properties would build near Dubai. The first one, Trump International Golf Course Dubai, was completed in February 2017. This one is located in the Akoya property development. The second one is expected to be completed towards the end of 2018.

Hussain Sajwani says that after his latest property development is completed near Dubai he is going to have DAMAC Properties focus more on real estate opportunities in Europe. He has already invested in a tower under construction which is located in London. He says his ultimate dream is to have DAMAC Properties located in all of the major hubs in the world such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, and so on.

Primarily because of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is worth about $4.2 billion. He has chosen to donate some of this money in order to improve the lives of people around the world. One example of this occurred five years ago when he joined an initiative that had been launched by the Ruler of Dubai. This effort involved providing clothes to children around the world who live in desperately poor conditions. He gave AED two million to this cause. This was enough money to provide warm clothing to around 50,000 children. He said that he wanted to do his part to helping children get off to the best start in live available to them.


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